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Feelings And Pyschology. Essay

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Thought I Had FriendFriendship is such a simple word until you have to question the friends you have. I've always thought that I'm a good person and great friend. But I guess not all my "so called" friends can see that.Just the other day I was on my computer, not thinking of anything more then the homework that I was currently working on. All of the sudden I hear the "da-da-doop" of an instant message. It was a good friend of mine. But instead of saying hello first he just started to get mad. I didn't quite understand exactly what I had done wrong and why he was so mad, until he typed the sentence that ruined not one friendship but two. He informed me that someone I considered one of my best friends had told him secrets about me, and she had also told him some things I had said about him.My heart dropped to my stomach, and I was so confused and torn. All I could think about was the fact that within one sentence I went from being in a great mood to realizing that I may have lost two good friends. Did she really tell him all these things? I was torn between believing him or her. I wanted to call her but my heart wouldn't let me pick up the phone. I gave it all to her. Not just love, but money, time, and even my pride at times. How could she do this to me...

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