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Feelings For Printers? Essay

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A beautiful bride is sitting on the ground, waiting. She is waiting for her wedding photographer to get the shot that requires her to be seated and paying attention the entire time, what she doesn’t know is that the only person that can be compared to the stress-bomb that she is in on her wedding day would be her wedding photographer. The wedding photographer only has one chance to get each shot, and if the photographer misses the ‘key shot’ of the wedding, than the photographer is the one that has to deal with bride-zilla. Therefore using a magazine advertisement that plays on the happier side of wedding photography as a magazine advertisement and the outcome is a great way to engage the photographers because the advertisement makes the process look easy and then while the photographer is still hooked, it comes full circle to the advertisement, for printers. It has many different sides that are all well-done in the advertisement and is worth having a second look over, to prove that it is as great as it seems.
How the company does the advertisement is only half the story. They have to use advertising techniques that firstly attract the reader, then keep their attention, and of course keep the reader long enough to look at the product they are selling, while communicating that their product is best. How they do that in this advertisement is by using several logical fallacies that include: Using the ‘red herring’, which distracts the audience, rather than focusing on the argument itself, and includes the use of ‘over sentimentalization’, which uses distractions to the audience from evidence or relevant issues. The other logical fallacy that this printer advertisement uses effectively is ‘authority over evidence’ which is simply placing more emphasis on ethos than on the actual validity of the evidence.
This printer advertisement has a large block of dark space, with a strip of white underneath it. The white stripe is used to catch the reader’s eye and is a very successful at capturing the audience’s attention, both in general, and at bringing the attention to the main point of the product being sold. The first things that a person looks at as they see the rather dark picture is a woman in a wedding dress, and her ring-bearer running with balloons, but as a person looks closer they begin to realize that in the scene, there’s a wedding photographer, you can only see the back of her, but she has marvelous hair, and she is holding a relatively, but not super expensive camera (implying that anyone can take as good of pictures as the one shown at the bottom of the page later.) She is telling the running young boy to change one of his actions with her hand motions, after that, you quickly start to look for the rest of the wedding party, and there are two more, there’s two little flower-girls standing in the background, looking posed in the large picture shown.
Another interesting scenario that is taking place in this magazine advertisement is...

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