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Feelings Of Diasporic Atmosphere And My Objections Over It

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The theme of Diaspora mainly focused on the “LONGINGNESS OF AN IMMIGRANT AND ALIENATION” as they exiled from their native place to an unknown atmosphere .The new living in a new environment “FIRSTLY BLOCKS THE MIND AND THE FEELINGS OF HEART”.
Here I took the Indian woman writer bharathi mukherjee who contributed her role to diasporic literature which means who actually born in India who first migrated to Canada and faced sufferings and finally migrated to “USA” which created “ALOOFNESS”.
Bharathi Mukherjee’s diasporic theme which she expressed in her “A WIFE’S STORY” ...view middle of the document...

Thus my objection over her transformation of culture is unwise; even after her husband’s acceptance to take her to India which she finally “DISGRACED HER INDIAN ORIGIN AND OUR INDIAN CULTURE” which Bharathi Mukherjee expressed through her autobiographical elements.

Bharathi Mukherjee in her “A WIFE’S STORY” she clearly expressed a change of character of an Indian woman through her protagonist Panna Batta “WITH THE ADVENT OF CULTURAL CHANGE AND INTOXICATION OF WESTERN CULTURE” let us see about it.
Reason for male chauvinism
In this novel the husband of Panna Batta visited USA to see her after many days of waiting but to “HIS GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT” HIS WIFE PANNA HAD A LIMITLESS RELATIONSHIP WITH HER BOY FRIEND “IMRE” before her highly “CULTURED INDIAN HUSBAND” so he turned himself as a male chauvinistic husband.
Panna’s husband find a great “CULTURE GAP WHICH WIDENED” between them as she cannot respect his words that not to wear cotton pant which unknowingly attracted many men’s notice so,he wanted her only to wear saree as a cultured Indian woman.

Adamant in changed culture
Panna’s husband wanted her to return back to india because of his infinite love and affection towards her but she was too adamant that she “CANNOT LEFT USA” as she did not complete her Ph.D she wished to call her husband by his name as in western culture but she was not ready even to pretend before him to act in Indian culture “THOUGH NOT IN A REAL...


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