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Fellowship Application Essay

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According to the US Travel Association in 2012 only 3.5% of United States citizens traveled abroad which is about eleven-million out of 313 million people who currently live in the country. It’s a bit sad to see that so few people travel outside the country to go and see the wonderful world we live in. So for your consideration I hope my essay convinces you that I can be a part of that 3.5% of Americans.
The Ireland Fellowship program is interesting to me because when I was younger my parents where in the United States Air Force and I got to travel and live in different places. Some of the places I have been to are Germany, Australia and Guam which is a U.S. territory. However my parents were never stationed in or near Ireland that is why I wish to be a part of this fellowship so I can go and see the land in which my ancestors lived in long ago.
Before attending Middlesex Community College I was a student at Greater Lowell Technical High School in the Graphic Communications program. In the Graphic Communication program I learned leadership and teamwork skills and eventually was asked to be a shop manager. When I was a shop manager my responsibilities were mostly delegating work and making sure my fellow classmates understood the job they were doing and if not I would help them complete the job. My responsibilities outside the classroom environment are basic household chores, taking care of my dog and looking for a job. When I complete my studies at Middlesex Community College I plan to transfer to UMASS Lowell to continue my studies in Physical Science.
The courses that I find interesting are Chemistry, Art and World history courses. Chemistry is interesting to me because I am passionate about learning and discovering new things that someday will benefit our community and world. Art is interesting to me because it’s a way to relax and express oneself freely without judgment. Lastly world history courses interest me because it’s a way to how different places in the world developed and then compare them to other places.
I would describe myself as a...

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