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Fellowships, Training And Graduate Link Programs

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The Government has been following a balanced strategy toward educational development. It has expanded access to primary and secondary education and the enrolment ratio now stands at 117 percent for primary education and 45 percent for secondary. The Government has just begun implementing a nine-year basic education program, which extends basic education to junior secondary education (grades 7-9), as well as its programs to improve the quality of basic education. The Government recognizes the importance of extended 9-year basic education as the critical foundation for human resource development. Regarding higher education and higher level professional human resources the Government is following a dual strategy: (a) supporting the growth and qualitative improvement of domestic undergraduate and graduate education in the long run; and (b) meeting immediate shortages through fellowships in the short run. The Government's fellowship policy, often assisted by Bank financing, has been to upgrade the current stock of manpower: retrain or upgrade existing civil servants through overseas fellowships to meet the high level manpower Needs of the economy-needs that have not been met by the normal workings of the educational system prior to employment in the civil service.

In the broader human resource sector, major government themes to increase the quality of human resources and economic efficiency, including industrial development policies, have been laid out in all three major government planning documents: (a) 1993 Guidelines of State Policies (GBHN); (b) Sixth Five-Year Development Plan 1994-1998 (Repelita VI); and (c) Second 25-year Long-term Plan (PJPT II). In these plans, the Government aims to strengthen its capacity in making and managing policies and providing public services at national and local levels. The Government has issued three Government Decrees in April 1994 on education and training for professional development designed to improve the quality of civil service performance through better training and career development for staff. The Government intends to support the successful implementation of these policies by improving the capabilities of professional, technical, and managerial staff using overseas and domestic training programs.

In the S&T sector, the four-stage technological development model has become the national S&T policy for the PJPT II. The Government is promoting the increase of research and development (R&D) in both public and private sectors, and aims to increase the share of R&D financed by the private sector considerably, from the current 20 percent, by the end of PJPT II in 2018/19. The immediate objectives during Repelita VI are improving the capability to utilize, develop, and adapt and keep abreast of S&T by increasing the technology transfer capability, supported by a better quality of human resources, and encouraging participatory research between public and the private sectors. While the long-term goals for...

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