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Female Circumcision Essay

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Female circumcision is the act of mutilating and altering a female’s genital anatomy in anyway. Research into this subject has not been heavily done and material on the subject is sparse. Young underage girls are being subjected to mutilation. There are four documented versions of this procedure that range in severity (World Health Organization, 2013). These procedures occur at an average rate of almost 5000 girls a day (Demello, 2007). While the procedure has been illegalized all over the world it is still occurring in many countries, including countries in which it has already been outlawed. Culture plays a huge factor in female circumcision and had led to the continuation of this old tradition throughout generations. Myths and pressure push female circumcision to continue. The negative health effects of female circumcision begin immediately after the procedure and continue through their lives. Changes are being enacted through laws and legislation all around the globe. The World Health Organization continues to make efforts to better communities and cultures through re-training and education. The amount of girls being circumcised has been decreasing over time, so efforts made by all are not in vain.

Female circumcision is performed daily on female children all over the world. Every day girls are held down and mutilated without even anesthetic or sterile equipment. These girls are made to believe that this is a rite of passage into womanhood and given gifts and toys to celebrate the occasion. Girls are rewarded for enduring abuse. The effects of this procedure lasts a lifetime and cannot be undone. Still, very little is widely known about female circumcision and what it involves. Communities around the world should come together and become more informed about female circumcision, so they can base future decisions on the subject more seriously. There are many types of female circumcision performed all over the world in many cultures. There are efforts made every day to prevent female circumcision and educate those involved with the procedure. Education is the key to prevent future mutilation of young girls all over the world and offer the promise of a better life.
Female circumcision is removal of any anatomy from the genitals of a female. This anatomy can include the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia major, labia minora, or any combination of these (Post, 2004). The procedure has many aliases and versions. Other fairly common aliases for female circumcision are clitoridectomy and female genital mutilation (Demello, 2007). Female genital mutilation is the term used by people and groups that actively oppose female circumcision (Demello, 2007). Several communities also call female circumcision tahur or tahara, which is the latin word for purification (Malti-Douglas, 2007). There are several types of female circumcision which include sunna, reduction, infibulation, and removal of the clitoral hood. These four types...

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