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Female Competition And Aggression Essay

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Why are females aggressive? Do they only use it to get the entities they want, or could it be within their genes? Each female, differs from the next female. Women have their own ways of showing aggression, and their individual ways of handling it. I think aggression is an attitude used by everyone, not just females. I am not an aggressive person, but I have been to the extremes in life. I have discovered techniques; later discussed in this research that will improve my viewpoint towards others. My lack of assertiveness keeps me from being an outspoken person as I should be . I am typically a shy, quiet person. Most females and males can be aggressive when competing for something he or she ...view middle of the document...

Such as talking bad behind someone’s back, or doing things that would hurt another person such as calling them names and talking unpleasantly about a loved one. I was the only sane one that probably got talked about with the others.
Not to mention this, Anne Campbell and Paula Stockley state, “indirect aggression uses minimal energy and usually provides the least risk of injury” (para 3). Even indirect aggression could cause harm. Indirect aggression could make a person feel unworthy and unwanted. Aggression is also another form of bullying. It evolves to bullying when it hurts someone’s feelings or brings them down. Any aggression could cause one to harm them if they become depressed. I never cared about the childish things said. My job was to cheer on the team, and that is what I did. I never knew for sure or not if these girls were saying bad things about me and did not care a bit.
Aggression is Still a Stronger Trait for Males
A male uses aggression in different ways than a female. Both sexes generate their own techniques of aggression. Men have anger that builds up within them, yet women do harmful things out of spite. Women use indecent words to show aggression while men get substantial. Bryce Nelson states, “although a greater proportion of aggressive behavior by...

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