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After reading Anna Kuchment's "The More Social Sex", it has come to mind that the depth in a woman-woman friendship is much deeper than the depth of a male-male friendship. When you look at society, often times men are seen as the more necessary creature. His views on politics are always better, he is always the strongest, and lately, as seen on Emerald Live, his cooking is even better; "BAM!" talk about a blow to a woman's ego. Sometimes, because they are the more socially accepted sex, women are set in the corner and treated like a flower vase; you know the one that sits there for the sole purpose of being pretty. Then when no one listened to his ideas, and his ego has been completely shot down, we remember that women may not be the stronger sex, and even though men are trying to take over our kitchens, that we are the ones that are needed! When men go through a rough time, it is always us that they turn to. When is comes to relationships, the female sex is in charge. Through my own experiences in life, it has been proven that women are deeper than men, we know how to connect to one another rather than connect to the television screen, and we know what it means to be a friend all of the time, not just when we have something to say.Girls-night-out is a big deal for my friends and I. We usually grab a bag of popcorn and watch a chic-flick. On the rare occasion that one of our male friends intrudes on our night out, it is often brought to our attention that we talk too much during the movie. Whenever something happens that brings up a memory that we share, we always reminisce. We don't mean to interrupt the movie, but it feels more important to us to talk about things that make us grow closer than to have our eyes connected to a television. Because of these nights out we become connected to eachother. We no longer think as separate minds, but we all think alike. Sometimes, to men, it seems like we can read eachother's mind. I remember sitting at the dinner table with my sister Jessie, her friend, my brother Sean,...

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