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Delinquency in and of itself has been observed, studied, sifted, put into one form of statistical data or another and published for years. The question of “should girls’ delinquency be studied separately from boys’ delinquency?” can only be answered with an answer of yes. Data from every aspect of delinquency should be studied whether it be age, race, type of crime, along with gender. Without viewing all aspects of delinquency in regards to gender, any conclusions found would be biased, possibly leading to the enforcement of inappropriate laws and or treatments.
To say that girls are different from boys is an understatement. Boys and girls are treated and raised differently while growing up in a patriarchal environment(Chesney-Lind & Sheldon. Chapter 6); the diverse ways in which they mature physically and emotionally, boy’s and girl’s involvement or path that leads to their potential delinquency are worlds apart. In addition, bombardment by role models and advertisements of society plays a large aspect in the differences between boys and girls. The majority of female role models, which encompass every commercial on television, advertisement on women’s magazines, or star in major motion pictures, are typically thin, underweight, women with flawless skin, adorned with heavy makeup and jewelry. Most male role models are shirtless and usually somewhat muscular. It is far easier for boys to work out at home or schools, than for girls to obtain the objects they feel are needed to be socially acceptable. Girls are subjected to insurmountable amounts of strain to be accepted by their peers by emulating the images and current fashions projected upon them by their peers and society.
While girls are not responsible for the majority of violent crimes, criminologists should study female delinquency to reduce the all crimes committed by girls including running away and theft. According to Chesney-Lind (2001), “one out of four arrests of young people were girls… yet are largely forgotten when programs for "delinquents" are crafted”. One such instance would be runaways in which most juveniles...

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