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Female Gangs Essay

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“In 2007, it was estimated that there were over 150,000 female gang members in the United States accounting for about 10 percent of all gang membership. Present-day descriptions of gang members propose that they typically lack a formal education, have violent experiences at their schools, have seriously dysfunctional family lives, and have experienced social problems, including poverty, substance abuse, and gang violence. Membership in female gangs also often is contingent upon one’s ethnic or racial status. Another factor is the lack of appropriate intervention, diversion, and treatment alternatives available to female juvenile compared to males”(Champion, Merlo & Benekos, 2013). Female ...view middle of the document...

That conflict leads to more time away from home. Time on the street may or may not include the instruction of crime. Time (a lot of time on the street vs. a little time), location (street vs. school or family houses), and degree of interaction (time spent with other gang members) are key elements in gang members’ concept of what it means to be an active gang member (Fleisher and Krienert, 2004.
Literature Review
In some neighborhoods and in many correctional settings, a gang is a family. A person may join for social support and for protection. This is true for both males and for females. Gangs are on the increase, and entirely female gangs are not as numerous as male gangs. However, they do exist and are visible to professionals. They do not reach the size or prevalence of male-dominated gangs. Females also continue to be in specialized roles in male-directed gangs (Lauderdale & Burman. 2009).
A correctional setting determines what frequency and roles characterize females in settings where few males exist. For authorities to ensure control of the setting and, in many facilities when gang membership is established, inmates are separated from other gang members and often housed in solitary or semi solitary conditions to control gang...

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