Female Hardship Survivor Group Essay

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“Hello everyone”, said the meeting counselor, “Welcome to the Female Hardship Survival Group”.
She was dressed in what appeared to be a very hippie like outfit. Her t-shirt had a psychedelic pattern on it, her bell bottoms looked like they were straight out of the 60’s, and her hair was long with a headband made to look like flowers keeping it out of her eyes. Looking around the room there were paintings of relaxing landscapes, the walls were painted a soft yellow, and the windows in the room let in enough midday sunlight to make the room feel warm. Outside the window trees were rustling in the wind.
“I would like you all to go around and introduce yourselves, and then each of you will ...view middle of the document...

“The first night I spent with the King I asked him if I could say farewell to my sister one last time. Being a somewhat good man he agreed to allow me to see her, while she was there I began to tell stories, dawn came quickly and my life was spared. I was careful to always end my stories on a cliffhanger” said Scherazade.
“I love cliffhangers, why don’t we end your story there” said Penelope, who was smiling in a joking way. “I’m kidding please continue” said Penelope.
“It took me 1001 nights to finally run out of stories to tell him. Luckily, by this time the King had fallen in love with me. I did all this in order to save the other girls in the Kingdom. Now I am married to a man that loves storytelling as much as I do. Even though the circumstances upon which we came to love each other are rather tragic. I persevered and survived. The whole experience was troubling, but at the end of the day I’m happy to have made it. One thing I do wish is to figure out who I am besides a great story teller” said Scherazade.
“Good for you, thank you for sharing, I know that experience must have been a challenge for you. That’s what we are all here for is to survive our hardships” said the counselor.
“She just wanted to be Queen” said Medea staring at her with jealousy in her eyes.
“What did you say Medea?” asked the counselor?
“Nothing nevermind” said Medea who clearly looked guilty.
“Since you have so much to say Medea why don’t you go next” said the counselor.
Medea took a deep breath and introduced herself, “Hello my name is Medea”. “My story is kind of complex” said Medea stammering from embarrassment.
“No story is too complex” said Scherazade, with a confused look on her face.
“Yes, we have all been through rather unique struggles” said Sita.
“My family and I were exiled to Corinth. I hoped that it would be a new start for my sweet Jason and our sweet children. We gained a degree of respectability in our new home.” She appeared to be thinking of better times that are now lost to her.
“It will be okay Medea, we have all suffered through some troubling times” said Penelope, trying to be supportive.
“After a few weeks I started to see my husband was taking an interest in the daughter of Creon, who was King of Corinth. I was forced to watch as my husband courted this new young vibrant woman. I became over taken by jealousy”, the sadness was evident all over her face.
“That must have been terrible” said Penelope, knowing all too well what it is like to have your husband not be loyal to you.
“It was terrible, believe me” said Medea. “Anyways, I hated myself for a time, I hated my children too. I plotted to kill them just to get back at my husband. What kind of person does that?” Medea began to shake with tears.
“It’s alright Medea” said the counselor while rubbing her back.
“The King noticed how emotional I had become, fearing for his daughters life he banished my children and I. I pleaded for mercy! The King feeling my pain granted me a day to get my...

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