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Female Inequity In The Workplace Essay

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rifa Rathor
ESL 51 004
Assignment # Research Paper

Gender Discrimination in Workplace
Female inequality in workplace is one of the harmful aspect that is afflicting the entire
society. This is also called the gender discrimination which has been followed since the ancient
Past and still a serious dilemma, eventhough with the advancement of 21 century. It is one of the plight characteristics of the U.S. Although governmental and non-governmental agencies empowerment, and dynamic acts over the past century. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to attain the total equality.
The most notable subject of female inequality at the work are the pay gap and “Glass Ceiling”. These are the major concerns that women have to face, even though they are more educated or efficient than men most of the time. Although women have worked in some way in the U.S. since this country took birth, yet they get very low pay and promotion. During the World War I, women started to work in the work force due to the shortage of men. They worked until World War II and took those positions which were only for men. Seven million women entered in work force, however they have no legal rights until the Title VII of the Civil Act of 1964, passed. According to this Act employer may not discriminate people on the bases of sex, color, race, national region, and religion. Title VII makes it illegal for employer that they refuse women form any available positions based on the qualification. This law allow women to sue employer if they feel being discriminated.
But still unequal distribution of benefits and other privileges exist at the workplace, such as women are refused monetary benefits and their male coworker receive as part of the employment policies. In addition, women who hold professional qualifications and educational background, they are incapable to forward to top level position in a company. This type of discrimination is called “glass ceiling” and further refers to the difficulties which women have to face to get the upper echelons. For instance, a college graduate woman gets lower post rather a high school graduate man gets upper seat. Women face momentous gap with men in promotion opportunities, according to a research by Cornell University economists Francince Blau and Jed DeVaro that “10.6 percent of men had received promotions during a four-year period versus 7.6 percent of women—a gap of 3 percentage points”. This statistic enclosed 3,500 employers in four US cities. Despite of education, skills, and seniority, the pay gap precise a little, yet the promotion rate persist 2.2 percent.
Mark Trumbell who is an economics and business staff writer says in his article that glass ceiling is still an issue. It is often seen in the workplace when women have to face the discrimination. For instance women do not get equal pay nor do they get promotions. Mark discussed a lawsuit against a large retailer Wal-Mart. This...

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