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Female Intuition 1 Female Intuition: Are we half a person? Lindsey Brown Husson College Female Intuition 2 Female Intuition: Are we half a person? I spent a long time thinking about my topic for this paper. I wanted it to be solid and tough to argue with. I soon realized that I was thinking far too in depth about gender roles and the way that society today reacts to them. I realized that as subtle as it may seem, everyday women and men experience some form our society's gender conditioning. One of the main reasons that we engage in such roles is primarily for convenience. Have you ever wondered why women are constantly perceived as being weak and that men are constantly perceived as strong? These thoughts that have turned into our mindset have developed over time through all of the gender roles that we experience in every day life. It was approximately two weeks ago. I was helping my friend switch dorm rooms. We had a ton of things to carry from Carlisle over to Hart. We managed by ourselves for quite a while until it became both convenient and comfortable for us to "give-in" and ask two guys for help carrying our stuff. Once they were talked into the deal, it was automatic for us to delegate them the heaviest things to carry, like the television and computer. Obviously they weren't going to follow behind me with the laundry bag while I brought over the refrigerator! I soon realized that the question I was asking myself was, why is it embedded in my mind and in many other women's minds that men should be regarded as very strong and resourceful people who can be called upon to complete tasks in which the notion that Female Intuition 3 society has become comfortable within everyday life, is propelled. So, why are women continually thought of as being emotionally and physically dependant upon men? One of the main problems with gender roles today is that we (women) allow ourselves to participate in those roles everyday. Whether its in the work place or at home, women who rely upon men to do work that they are capable of further develops the idea that women are subordinate to men. Women do not want to associate with either being feminist of anti feminist, rather somewhere in between because it does not challenge their status in their individual groups. In an interview with Gloria Steinem, a well-known feminist of the 1960's when asked about people's perceptions and definitions of gender roles, she replies; "In a way, what happens to men is called "politics" and what happens to women is called "culture". We've taken one giant step forward by convincing the majority of the country that women can do what men can do. But the next step is convincing the country that men can do what women can do. So far, we don't believe it ourselves." (Schnall, Marianne) She also states later in the interview, "Change depends on what you and I do everyday." (Schnall, Marianne) Not only is that a very important point to consider, it is very...

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