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Female Sexuality Essay

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The female sexuality plays the very important role in both DRACULA and MAXIMUM GAGA. They both talk about the virginity and dissoluteness in female sexuality, but have different views about it. In DRACULA, only virginity is accepted; dissoluteness is completely intolerable. Stoker thinks virginity is very precious, and he want the readers know that women will be punished for being lascivious, so each female character has different ending in terms of their virginity. In MAXIMUM GAGA, Lara didn’t give an exact attitude about the virginity and dissoluteness in female sexuality; she thinks they can exist at the same time.
In DRACULA, the general content is about the fighting between Dracula and humans, since Dracula tries to transform all the female characters into vampires. The language of the book is not very sexual, but the word “Voluptuousness” did shows up a lot in the book. The female characters, Mina, Lucy and the three sisters, they have different personalities, different attitude to love, and different virginity. When Dracula tried to transform them into vampires, they experience different processes and have different endings.
Mina, Jonathan Harker’s wife, is the purest one. She doesn’t have a strong desire of sexuality. She really loves his husband, and it seems all she cares in her life is him. During the time Jonathan was in Transylvania, Mina was so anxious about him. She shows her care of her love in the journals and the letters to Lucy that “I am very sad. There was no letter for me. I hope there cannot be anything the matter with Jonathan (Stoker, 77).” There is no description about Mina being sexual. She is purest woman in the book, and gives a very good impression to others. Van Helsing states that “She (Mina) is one of God’s women, fashioned by His own hand to show us men and other women that there is a heaven where we can enter, and that its light can be here on earth. So true, so sweet, so noble …. (Stocker, 212)” Mina is the only female had the happy ending, which she survived from the curse of Dracula and got a baby with her true love Jonathan. I believe it’s her purity saved her life. It’s also what Stoker wants us to notice, the preciousness of virginity. So he sets up Mina to be the model of good woman.
Lucy is the most dramatic one. She has three guys love her, which are Seward, Quincey Morris and her husband Arthur Holmwood. She enjoys to be loved by them, when she had proposals from each of them; she thought “I feel so miserable, though I am so happy (Stoker, 65).” She even wants all three of them to be with her, saying “Why can’t they let a girl marry three men, or as many as want her, and save all this trouble? (Stoker, 67)” Unlike Mina, Lucy is very indistinct about her love. She’s in this multiple-lovers situation and still feels great about it. After Lucy dead and became a vampire, all the descriptions about her looking and behaviors are very sexual. When Van Helsing, Arthur, Seward and Quincey went to kill the...

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