Female Stereotypes In Popular Culture University Of Maryland Eastern Shore English 101 Essay

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Amos 1
Zakaya Amos
Professor Gupta
English 101
25 October 2017
Female Stereotypes in Popular Culture
For decades, women have faced the struggles of oppression. This topic can sometimes be overlooked for more abstract topics such as race. Stereotyping woman in this culture limits their ability to pursue a future and career, abilities, and also their choices when it comes to an obstacle. Women have certain stereotypes in popular culture that can make women seem submissive or weak. Women are seen as not being worthy of positions of power, therefore there's barely any women seen with a status of more powerful substance. Inequality with women needs to be addressed more so it is not merely seen as just a topic that has just appeared, but something that has been occurring for a while.
There are different types of stereotypes that women face on a daily. One stereotype is that women aren’t fit for a position of power. An example of this stereotype being used is Hillary Clinton running for the president of the United States against Donald Trump. According to Schneider and Bos research, “female politicians might be negatively evaluated because these feminine qualities are inconsistent with the masculine traits necessary for leadership roles” (Schneider and Bos 245). Women are seen to not being fit for the job because they are “too emotional” or “too vulnerable”. People feel as though to take a leadership position, you need to have masculine traits such as being assertive and competitive. People were constantly saying a position with amount of power is only fit for a man. This resulted to Hilary Clinton losing to
Donald Trump because 64% Americans would not vote for a woman to be a President versus 33% Americans saying yes.
Most people have certain expectations of what a woman should look like. The more favored image of a woman is having a curvy figure and long hair. Social media plays a huge role on how society wants your average women to look. This body shaming has led certain women to change their appearance with starving themselves, binge eating, or even having plastic surgery done on parts of their body. “Studies have shown that about 45 percent of women have cancelled or...

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