Female Workers In Japanese Silk Factories World History Essay

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In Japan, many women had to deal with the consequences of working in factories. During the 19th century, women were obligated to work under severe conditions that were horrifying compared to the male jobs. In Japanese silk factories, the costs outweighed the benefits for women workers because they had to deal with the harsh working condition, long hours, and low wage.
Female workers were still required to go to work even under severe working conditions. As was stated in Document D, many workers were getting ill while at work: in 1909, 3,091 out of 6,946 females reported ill, released of employment, meaning they were too sick to continue working, or blood related illness; therefore, they quit their job, for their lives were highly at stake. Also, as was captioned in the photograph of Document A, “Workers in a silk factory in Nagano district. They are pulling threads off silkworm cocoons that are floating in hot water basins in front of them.” This can conclude to many injuries being provoked by females burning themselves while taking out the silkworm cocoons. If 92% of the workers were female, the percentage would soon drastically decrease if the injuries kept increasing.
The female workers were compelled to work long hours, weekly. As stated in Document D, “When making comparisons with factories in Western countries, one must take into consideration certain unique facts regarding the extremely long working hours in factories in our country.” This reveals that women had no protection...

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