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Women Body BuildersHow big is too big? This is the question that you need to consider when looking at women who bodybuild. Recently, more and more women are becoming interested in this sport, and a considerable number of women in the United States as well as many other countries have been working out to perform in contests. As you look at the difference between the female and male body's structure while lifting weights, men's bodies are more likely to hold more muscle and bulk than a female's. Nowadays, women who play in sports have some various forms of weight training. Some lift at different times during the year while others lift throughout the year. The capabilities of the women's muscular system applied to heavy weight training have not be studied completely. The women we watched in the video were huge and enormous compared to many men. Most of these women in the video worked by helping others by being nutritional guides, or helping others work out. They did this because they didn't have a lot of time to go find jobs other places, and that when they were done they could stay right where they were and lift weights afterward. These women would then spend hours upon hours in the gym and would lift weights to gain muscle mass. Some of these had trainers, but most didn't because they couldn't afford to with the jobs they had. These women in the video said that they didn't take additives or steroids. Today both in men's and women's bodybuilding, the use of these drugs is prevalent. In the video we watched the amateurs even looked liked they were taking the drugs. At the pro-level it is even worse. A lot of them will not admit to it, but everyone knows. With bodybuilding people want to see the freaks, and that's how the industry makes its money. If they didn't take drugs they wouldn't be freaks. Women's bodybuilding isn't as popular is it used to be because the girls are getting crazy, and they are turning in to men. To get as big as these women were in the video, it takes lots of time, and dedication to get that big. Then the...

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