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Women Frown Upon Essay

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During the twenty-century women were seen by men as inferior and unequal to work, and also the women were seen by society as unequal or inferior towards women working ;yet it was a positive movement for women. First, they were seen as inferior so they were only allowed to do inferior work like raising kids and cleaning. Second, the working conditions were bad for women workers because they were seen as inferior workers. Third, there was an inequality from men and women because they were seen as inferior by men; therefore, they were treated differently. Lastly, organizations were starting to form in order to stand up against the inequality of the world.
Women were seen as inferior so they were allowed to do inferior work like raising kids and doing house work. “Historically, society believed a women place was in her home, caring for her husband and children, as opposed to a work placed.” Society believed that a women should stay home and not go out to find a job. Women were not allowed to work, only the men needed to work unfortunately the lifestyles were different from one another. “A women was expected to follow one pat: to marry in her early 20s, start a family quickly, and devote her life to homemaking”. That meant that a female had only one route or path and that was to be a house wife and nothing else. “As such, wives bore the full load of housekeeping and childcare, spending an average of 55 hours a week on domestic chores.’’ A house wife would spend the whole day cleaning, cooking and taking care of her kids. “55 hours a week on domestic chores” that’s seems to be a lot not even I could do that. Society saw women staying home, cleaning, cooking and taking care of kids. For example, Leave It to Beaver is a good example of how a women needed to act like. Beaver’s mom, June Cleaver, was a typical house wife who got married and had kids. She would dress up all nice but she would never go out. She would clean, cook and take care of her kids. That was a typical house wife who’s was to take care of her kids, clean the house and cook. June knew her role in the society and followed the path that the society wanted her to follow. Men thought that women couldn’t work that’s why the women stayed home to becomes wives. “If the marriage deteriorated, divorce was difficult to obtain, as "no-fault" divorce was not an option, forcing women to prove wrongdoing on the part of their husbands in order to get divorced.” If a woman wanted to get a divorce she would need to prove that her husband was doing something to her like hitting her. Also, if a woman would get divorce society would look at her wrongly.
Secondly, the working conditions were bad for the women workers because they were seen as inferior workers. Women workers were sometimes treated bad and work in a harsh environment. For example, Triangle the Fire That Changed America, by David Von Drehle is a story of how women were treated and where they would work. For example “workers in the waste...

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