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Female Character Influence Essay

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The past years have brought much attention to young female celebrities who resorted to drugs, sex scandals, and extreme alterations to their bodies as a way of gaining media attention. As a result of this, females have been degraded and extra expectations come from men for them to be perfect which creates the status quo of going crazy and swinging on a wrecking ball in the nude as perfectly appropriate and arousing. Leading female cinematic characters like Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series, and have influenced the ideals of young women based on their presentation of three characteristics: their emotional stability, physical fitness, and intelligence level. In light of that, however, movies have begun portraying women as more mature and down to earth to present a more realistic nature, and these three characters are good role models that young girls can muse to.
Bella Swan on the other hand is regarded as an insult to feminism everywhere. She is immature, lustful, ignorant, and irrational. While the saga has many admirers, it also has critics labeling it as retarding women's equality rights and displaying inappropriate ideals of how to treat a woman. Bella’s soft lips and pale complexion, even so in comparison to her vampire friends,sets her apart in that she appeals more sensual and submissive to greater authorities. In the first book of the Saga, she meets Edward Cullen, who is a vampire that wants to protect Bella from his family and just desires her blood for food. Later in the series, she meets another man of equal aesthetical pleasure and is emotionally torn between her long term love for Edward and the debts she owes him or to go with the strong and protective male figure of werewolf Jacob. Bella may seem independent and emotionally responsible, her feelings are in a battle between true love or just sexual desire; she rarely affords actions that are backed by rational thought. Bella displays little physical fitness other than running around a forest seeking a delusion of Edward when they break up. She is no match for Katniss Everdeen in any games. Bella’s intellectual capacity is one intriguing trait that sets her apart from Hermione in the sense that she has none. In Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward break up but Bella insists that she can hear Edward’s voice. This drives her to jump off a cliff and nearly drown herself. However, Jacob is near to save her. Bella’s ignorance to her father’s role leaves her at a disadvantage to other kids in Forks, Washington, where her and her father moved to from Arizona. She does not respect her father's position and calls him “Charlie” instead of dad. Her father’s involvement in the local police force only makes her position and expectation harder to meet for Bella. She is expected to live with decorum as being the towns “sheriff’s daughter,” but rarely meets these expectations. Bella uses this to keep the Cullen...

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