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Feminism: All For The Sake Of Beauty And Love In Rabindrahath Tagore's Chitra

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Rabindranath Tagore’s Chitra is an enthralling love story that dwells on the concept of feminism, specifically during the olden days. Chitra, the main character of the play, was deprived of living a normal life as a woman and was forced to grow up as a man due to her father’s insistance. Although Chitra was born a woman, she was raised by her father to be a man because he wanted a son. He taught and imparted her with different skills a man should normally possess. That is why when she grew older, she was considered to be one of the best when it comes to riding, hunting and fighting, she was both feared and respected by the people of her kingdom. However, even if she had accomplished all of ...view middle of the document...

” Nonetheless, Chitra rose to the occasion and proved herself to her father that she is capable of mastering the abilities of a typical man. This shows how Chitra was a testament that women are indeed capable of jobs and professions meant for men only, a testament that women and men are equally proficient.

One day, as Chitra was hunting for game in the forest she came upon a man lying down who turned out to be a member of the royal house of Kurus, the warrior Arjuna. The moment she met him she immediately falls in love, but she was unable to do anything given the fact that Arjuna was under a vow of celibacy, which was also suggested by the setting of scene. He was found in a secluded forest away from civilization, and was described to be “a dense thicket…a narrow sinuous path meandering through the dusk of the entangled boughs, the foliage vibrated with the chirping of cricket…” which may suggest how Arjuna was isolated from society as a form of compliance to his oath.

Thereafter, Chitra approached the god of love, Madana, and the god of springtime and eternal youth, Vasanta, to ask for their assistance. She tried to advance Arjuna and befriend him but hinting on her intentions, he gently rejected her by saying "I have taken the vow of celibacy. I am not fit to be thy husband!" Consequently, Chitra felt embarassed to be rejected, yet she did not let that get the best of her as she claimed, “Shame fell on me...

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