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Feminism And Postmodernism Essay

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Adrienne Rich’s Snapshot of a Daughter-in-law and Don DeLillo’s End Zone use negative diction and imagery to describe their thoughts on feminism and postmodernism. Rich uses negative diction and imagery to describe a woman who has adapted to the world’s opinion of what a woman should be and what women should do in the home. DeLillo uses negative diction to describe Myna after she conforms to beauty of the day. Rich brings in ideas of how domestic chores create a burden on women physically and emotionally. DeLillo also uses Myna to describe what he thinks about the world’s view on beauty and notions for women. If women are told that they are only worth what they look like and what they do and not what they think, nothing will ever truly change.
Rich stated that the daughter-in-law had “henna colored hair, skin like peach bud”(Rich 568 line 2), and shaved her legs till they “gleam like petrified mammoth-tusk”(570 line 50-51); Rich illustrates the “beauty” of these women in an unattractive way. Women use henna to dye their hair, and that phrase implies some of the unnatural things a woman will do to keep her hair colored with no gray in it. Peach buds are hairy on the outside, and shaving your legs to make them gleam like mammoth tusks so you will not be as fuzzy as a peach does not sound attractive. People tend to put to much stock in beauty. Almost all the fictional stories have a beautiful woman who is saved by a strong man, and it influences people from when they are young and through their whole lives. From fairytales from childhood that make girls want a prince charming to generic romantic movies that makes adult women want a perfectly sculpted body for that unrealistically picture-perfect man, society gives us a picture of a perfect life, riding off to a sunset with no problems to have 2.2 children in a perfectly clean adorable house. This is where Rich really brings in ideas about feminism and postmodernism. People need to be willing to ask questions, even if they seem to be too hard to ask or too uncomfortable to ask.
Women often dread housework and refer to cleaning as a tedious job, but they are almost always the ones who should clean and cook. Rich said “nothing hurts her anymore, except each morning’s grit blowing into her eyes”(569 line 24 and 25). Some women love being a mother and working at home, but not every woman is happy with that. Some women want careers and to be able to do what they want when they want to, And self-expression can be stripped away from a person who has a job to that takes away their identity, or in this case, makes them conform to a larger group. Women are more than a robot programmed to cook and clean; women can have careers and be smart. Women can even juggle those things if she wants to. Even though women have come a long way, no one can seem to find the answer to juggling the different life styles some women...

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