Feminism In "The Revolt Of 'mother'" By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

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The Wife of Man: An Existential Approach to Modern Feminism"In literature, Expressionism is often considered a revolt against realism and naturalism, seeking to achieve a psychological or spiritual reality rather than record external events in logical sequence"The Revolt of "Mother" by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman is a piece of literature that subjectively reconciles the author's inner experiences through the main character. Coincidentally, the composition is both a work of romanticism and feminism as it defies the establishment of social norms and rules with respect to gender, in accordance with a natural embodiment of marital synergy. Both romanticism and feminism movements are typically explicit in a literary sense, but Freeman's depiction of herself by means of a fictional embodiment named Mrs. Peen includes both an implicit and explicit representation. In doing so, Freeman departs from expressionism, and embraces psychological realism and the portrayal of inner-self through the consciousness of a fictional character. I believe The Revolt of "Mother" is collectively a subjective interpretation of self-identity through the eyes of a feminist, by the hands of a realist, and the mind of an existentialist.Freeman's deliberate use of Mrs. Penn throughout the story is in actuality an embodiment of herself. Consequently, Freeman takes no responsibility for what Mrs. Penn does or says, because it is obviously not Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and therefore she cannot be responsible for the mentality of a fictional character. Further, Samuel Langhorne Clemens also wrote his social observations under the name of Mark Twain; in order to secure his own reputation. Thus, using Mrs. Penn as a literary instrument, Freeman can systematically unfold herself to the reader through a subjective and objective utilization of certain characteristics from which she intends to convey. Freeman exploits characterization, especially through Mrs. Penn, to accentuate the fictional piece as both an intuitive and deliberate ramification of the feminist ideology, and the renewal of romanticism by placing more importance on emotion rather than...

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1600 words - 6 pages opinions of his wife, he unites the woman's home and man's technology, and in a sense makes peace between man and woman in the battle of the sexes.   Work Cited Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins. "The Revolt of 'Mother.'" Responding to Literature. Ed. Judith A. Stanford. Mountain View: Mayfield, 1996. 555-567.  

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629 words - 3 pages simple pleasant daily activities gave her a sense of insecurity. "Louisa dearly loved to sew a linen scam, not always for use, but for the simple, mild pleasure, which she took in it. She would have been loath to confess how more than once she had ripped a seam for the mere delight of sewing it together again." (9) Louisa Ellis has portrayed a feministic character, which is apparent through her mannerism, which is very orderly and graceful and over extended time frame became very much a part of her personality. Works Cited: Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman March 12, 2002 Retrieved from the World Wide Web:

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