Feminism Is Not Equality Essay

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The word feminism may remind one of female marches, protests, or perhaps of a significant woman in society that rebelled against the injustices and struggles women faced regarding inequality. When discussions of feminism ensue, two women tend to come to mind, Mary Wollestonecraft and Elizabeth Stanton. These significant political figures stood up for women’s rights, specifically equal pay for working class mothers to enable them to adequately support their families.
Feminism initially started off as a crusade to gain equal representation and certain liberties. These efforts generally succeeded. Today, not only in the Western world, women still face some of the same problems and struggles as they did in the past. This leads to the discussion as to whether or not the feminist movement is still necessary in today’s society.
The initial goal for feminists was gender equality. Since the early 1980’s, a large amount of feminists struggled to obtain social position compared to their male counterparts. Britain’s Equality Minister, Harriet Harman, a strong, influential political figure supported the feminist movement and made a press release encouraging business owners to hire more equally accredited females. That is if they were right for the job. Some argue that this government employee was biased towards females, and argue that she supported gender discrimination because she herself is a female.
History shows that favoritism encouraging the hiring of a female over a male drew a ridiculous amount of controversy worldwide. Imagine the outraged response if a president were to mandate that all supermarket chains were to hire men preferentially over females. A slew of protests and cries of indignant condemnation would flood the media and the president would likely be forced to publicly recant such an opinion.
So how is it that Mrs. Harman, the Equality Minister, is able to blatantly encourage discrimination in the workplace? If feminists are able to influence the political landscape effectively in their favor, it just may be the weight that tips the scales enough to encourage a form of widespread prejudice against men. What has pushed Mrs. Harman and other feminists to attain equality or possessed them to seek domination over their male counterparts?
Perhaps it is born from the general hatred of men that appears to have permeated the feminist movement. The words of Marilyn French, an acclaimed feminist author solidify such a point. According to Ms. French, “All men are rapists and that’s all they are.” (don’t you need to cite here)? According to Professor Ann Oakley, who holds the encapsulating belief that “Men are the enemies of women” (where did you get this information? Need to cite) demonstrate the biases that many feminists share. What has brought about such gender based hatred? This appears emulate reverse discrimination, in that typically men in positions of power exhibit discriminatory practices towards women in the work place....

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