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Very few adult people have done all the dirty things they'd like to have done. The ones I've seen are chock-a-block with regret for the lives they haven't led, the sheilas they haven't raped, the tills they haven't robbed, the murders they haven't done, the sex they haven't had. David Ireland, The Chantic Bird, 1968[On the women of Victoria]Women, all the world over, are entitled to everything that chivalry can give them. They should sit while men stand. They should be served while men wait. Men should be silent while they speak. They should be praised - even without desert. They should be courted - even when having neither wit nor beauty. They should be worshipped - even without love. They should be kept harmless while men suffer. They should be kept warm while men are cold. They should be kept safe while men are in danger. They should be enabled to live while men die in their defence. All this chivalry should do for women, and should do as a matter of course. But there is a reason for this deference. One human being does not render all these services to another - who cannot be more than his equal before God - without a cause. A man will serve a woman, will suffer for her - if it comes to that will die for her - because she is weaker than he and needs protection. Let her show herself to be as strong, let her prove by her prowess and hardihood that the old idea of her comparative weakness has been an error from the beginning, and the very idea of chivalry, though it may live for awhile by the strength of custom, must perish and die out of men's hearts. Anthony Trollope, Australia and New Zealand, 1873I don't know anything about them women. I s'spose they're bad, but I don't suppose they're worse than men has made them. Henry Lawson, `Send Round the Hat', Send Round the Hat, 1907You know what they say: behind every successful man there's a woman. Behind every successful woman there's usually a divorce. Alma De Groen, Vocations, 1983It may sound disloyal to my sex, yet it is a common truth; show me a woman in power, and I will show you a despot. Barbara Baynton, `The Indignity of Domestic Service', 1911, in Krimmer and Lawson, eds, The Portable Barbara Baynton, 1980Women is strange. But bli'me! So is men! CJ Dennis, `A Woman's Way', Rose of Spadgers, 1924I am one of the few men honest enough to say they do not understand women. Sir Robert Menzies, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 April 1964`Ar, women,' said Dag. `They're like choclates. You don't miss 'em if they're not there, but if they're there you want to be gutsing them all the time.' Geoffrey Dutton, Andy, 1968In this noisome little colony,...

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Is it Feminist to be a Power Feminist?

1295 words - 5 pages choose to fight for their rights in different ways. It is safe to say that maybe these various groups will never fully agree on everything, but perhaps by cooperating even a little bit they can accomplish the goals they both share. Works Cited: Wood, Julia T. Gendered Lives Communication, Gender, and Culture. Belmont: Wadsworth, 2008. Print. "Ladies Against Feminism FAQ Database - A Bravenet.com Faq." Bravenet - Web Hosting, Free Web Hosting and Web Tools. Web. 02 Mar. 2010. . "A woman against feminism." Web log post. Blogger. Web. 1 Mar. 2010. .

formula Essay

8060 words - 32 pages Screen mode. Home page:- Click on "Home" (at the bottom of every page) to go to the main page titled HOME. All topics under HOME are hyperlinked to the content page of that topic. Suppose, one wants to go from Algebra to Geometry. Click "Home" and then click Geometry. This will take one from any page in Algebra to the content page of Geometry. Complied by: www.handakafunda.com/?mathf&f More free E-Books Home Arithmetic Algebra Number System

A Generation Ahead and Behind: Women's Rights

1802 words - 7 pages beyond Transgender and Gender Studies. Philadelphia: Temple UP, 2012. Print. Freeman, Jo. "From Suffrage To Women's Liberation: Feminism In Twentieth Century America." Waves of Feminism. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Feb. 2014. "Gender Stereotypes." Cliffsnotes. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, n.d. Web. 7 Mar. 2014. Kang, Inkoo. "The Oscars' Giant Gender Gap Isn't Closing." Indiewire. Indiewire, 28 Feb. 2014. Web. 7 Mar. 2014. Lauren, Paul Gordon

Critically evaluate the argument that the so-called "crisis in masculinity" paradoxically furthers forms of hegemonic masculinity.

2586 words - 10 pages that masculinity qualities are being challenged by our society and feminism. Men are now being portrayed as trouble makers because statistics show that they have been doing worse than women in various areas. Nevertheless, people argue that this so-called "crisis in masculinity" is paradoxically further forms of hegemonic masculinity. This essay will establish the origin of the crisis in masculinity, which is believed to be the male liberation

The Crawling Module and Web Pages

998 words - 4 pages interface of the Web Crawler application, which is designed in the VB.NET Windows Application, for crawling a website or any web application using this crawler internet connection must be required and as input use URL in a format as shown in figure. At every crawling step, the program selects the peak URL from the frontier and sends this web sites information to a unit that will download web pages from the Website. For this implementation we use multithreading for parallelization of crawling process so that we can download many web sites parallel.

The Feminist Movement

1084 words - 4 pages . 2010. Web. 16 Nov 2013 "Feminism." Topic Pages. Boston: Credo Reference Contributors, 2013. N. pag. Credo Reference. 21 Nov. 2013. Web. 21 Nov. 2013. Glazer, S. (2006, April 14). Future of feminism. CQ Researcher, 16, 313-336. Clark, C. S. (1997, February 28). Feminism's future. CQ Researcher, 7, 169-192.

National Identity in Australia as presented by television broadcast television.

1848 words - 7 pages Using examples from your own observations of television programs discuss Barker's contention that "National Identity is a form of imaginative identification with that nation state as expressed through symbols and discourses. Thus, nations are not only political formations but also systems of cultural representation so that national identity is continually reproduced through discursive action." (Barker, 1999, pages 64-65) We live in an


884 words - 4 pages bestseller Darwin's Black Box, states, "I was amazed that people believe in evolution when there was this clear argument against it" (Behe 3). At first Darwinism was taught at schools, but there were so many flaws that these ideas were turned down, and a different form of evolution was taught. The new form was then taught along with a type of scientific creation (Encarta 2). This shows that schools feel that Darwin was wrong, and Darwin is

Legacy and Respect: The Usefulness of Feminism

2038 words - 8 pages disagree with feminism because I believed it was advocating equal rights for women but not equal responsibilities and action ownership. It was quotes and thoughts such as these that made me question feminism's actual agenda. I did not want to exclude men from a discussion about feminism because they weren't female; to separate the sexes and create an oppositional binary, in which "any outside [men] is formulated as a consequence of a lack internal

Feminism: The Civil Rights Movement and Women's Rigths

2024 words - 8 pages long way on many fronts, at least for some women in this country.’” It proves the point that Americans ignore cultural complexity (Hass). There are women in this country that do not get to benefit from the rights they supposedly have. Steinem even said, “You can’t have democracy without feminism,” (Tran). Another fascinating feminist is Phyllis Schlafly. She is one of the one hundred most important women of the 20th century. She graduated

Australian Films

1854 words - 7 pages Wide Web 2002-2004http://www.glbtq.com/arts/aus_film.html4. Australian film in the 1970s: the ocker and the quality film: Tom O ReganFrom the World Wide Web 2000http://wwwmcc.murdoch.edu.au/ReadingRoom/film/1970s.html5. Mainstreaming Australia: Leigh Dale: From the World Wide Webhttp://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=5000537128

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