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Feminist Movement: Gamer Girls Essay

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A feminist movement in its own right has begun in the gaming community. Women are generally believed to be understand by members in many geeky, gamer or nerdy parts of today’s society. In the gaming industry women are statistical and cultural outliers. Gender stereotypes about girl gamers or ‘Gamer Girls’, the latter of which has begun to receive a negative meaning, keep many women from fully participating in the rich game industry culture. Female workers in the gaming industry get mixed signals from an industry that on the outside appears to desire gender diversity in order to attract the growing ranks of female gamers but on the inside it is resistant to change its sexist and ...view middle of the document...

Women video game programmers earn an average of $10,000 a year less than their male counterparts, according to the salary surveys done by Game Developer Magazine every year, and women designers make $12,000 less. With the combination of low percentages of women in the workplace and discrimination in salary, many women are turned off by the idea of stepping foot into that male dominated working environment. While the percentage of women in the development of games may be low, the percent of women playing the games is surprisingly higher than many would expect.

While women are looked at as sex objects or some esteemed award for reaching the end game in many top selling games, an exceptionally large amount of women still play those games for what they were made for in the first place, amusement.Over the past few years, even with constant discrimination and sexualization the percentage of females playing video games have been on a constant rise. According to CNN, a highly trusted news source in America, nearly half of all video-gamers are women. Many other sites and game affiliated organizations have also recently begun doing their own polls and have gain similar statistical results. According to these statistics women make up 45% of all gamers, nearly half, and one percent more at 46% of frequent buyers of video games. Even with an almost equal amount of both genders interested in their games top video game producers from companies like, Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA Games, etc., regularly state in various interviews that they feel like they need to cater to their majority, no matter how slight a majority that may or may not be, buyers which happen to be men. One of the top reasons many people will buy a game is for an immense, suspenseful storyline. Women in particular have shown to enjoy games with high levels of complexity, a long and beautifully written storyline, and have scenarios where hard decision making is needed and could cause devastating effects later in the game. It is also a plus if you are actually given the option of playing as female or male.Todays games have begun to give a lot more options in customization than ever before. While many games like Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder Scrolls and the like allow you the ability to chose your...

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