Ferdinand Magellan And Leonardo De Vinci.

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Leonardo Da Vinci and Ferdinand MagellanLeonardo Da Vinci and Ferdinand Magellan lived in lives that were both very similar and different to each other. First off, Da Vinci was a famous scientist, inventor, and artist while Magellan was known as a famous explorer who wanted to sail around the world. Da Vinci was born into an average family, while Magellan was born into a noble one. Both of these men helped the world in their different ways. One sailed the earth while the other made new things. Although their differences have both helped in different ways, they are both inventors of doing new things and making new things in order to provide this world with many more ideas. There is very little known of the education that Magellan received during his childhood. We do know that he participated in the Portuguese court. Da Vinci however got a filled education for a young child. He was exposed to books, painting, and his fathers workshop. He was educated at home by his father who taught he what he needed to know to be an artist ad inventor. In addition, the Duke of Milan kept him busy by reaching new achievements scientifically and artistically. He painted and sculpted to ensure his job.Ferdinand Magellan accomplished his first significant feat at age 12 when he was 12 years old and participated in the Portuguese court. At age 26, he traveled on his first expedition to the East Indies. Leonardo Da Vinci accomplished his first feat at age 30. This is when he provided a service for the Duke of Milan, painting, sculpting, and designing within the Dukes court. He studied flying objects, nature, geometry, and mechanics. Discovery and new ideasIt seemed like every few years both Magellan and Da Vinci would come out with more and more impressive accomplishments throughout there successful lives. Magellan's' accomplishments were very noticeable. At the age of 17, he sailed around the Cape of Hope and traveled towards the king of Spain. He also got five ships and sailed around the tip of South America. A passage named the straight of Magellan was named after him in his honor. He also founded the Pacific Ocean, which stood for peaceful waters. Magellan landed in the Philippines and was eventually assonated by the Indians that had lived there. After his death, his crew sailed to the spice islands, and even thought Magellan didn't get to see the end of his journey he was still considered the first navigator to sail around the world. Leonardo Da Vinci also had many remarkable accomplishments. A few of them were his flying machines, his pumping mechanisms, dredging systems, military weapons, proposing that the earth rotates around the sun, creating the first textbook of human anatomy, the Mona Lisa, and the last supper.Critical moments that helped these two people decide there destinations in life, never really accorded. Although, we do know that Magellan was...

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1600 words - 6 pages is surrounded by fertile farmland. The hillsides are planted with grape vines and fruit trees and patches of silvery green olive trees dot the landscape.The slopes above Vinci lead to Mount Albano, a high peak where Leonardo later hiked and made observations about the atmosphere. Small mountain streams run down from the mountain past Vinci to the valley of the Arno River below.For a curious boy who loved nature, the area around Vinci must have

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525 words - 2 pages It started long ago as a little boy. I discovered I had many unique talents. I was born in the small town of Vinci, in Tuscany, near Florence of Italy in the year 1452. I was the son of a wealthy Florentine notary and a peasant woman. When we moved to Florence, in the mid-1460s, I was given a wonderful education. I was a fine musician and improviser. But in 1466, I began painting.Painting became one of my beloved hobbies and it started to become

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1139 words - 5 pages he was charged of illegal trade with the Islamic Moors which caused King Emanuel I to basically "fire" him. Magellan then renounced his nationality and went to Spain where he changed his name from Fernao de Magalhaes to Ferdinand Magellan.Magellan reached Seville, the Spanish capital, on October 20th, 1517. With the help of Juan de Aranda and other friends Magellan became officially enlisted as a Spanish citizen. Shortly thereafter, Magellan

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