Ferm Life Cycle Essay

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Ferm Life Cycle


     This essay will discuss the fern life cycle as taught in biology lab.
The essay will cover the basic process which we used to grow a fern. I will
discuss the methods and the results of the lab exercise. Finally, I will
discuss the evidence of the methods and results that were obtained .

Methods and Results:

     To begin our experiment we obtained a petri dish from our lab instructor
which contained fern spores and the food they needed to survive. We then look at
the spores through the micro scope. It was to soon to see anything but little
green dots. We then put our petri dishes under a light until next week.
      When we came in next week we observed our fern spores through the
dissecting microscope. We looked to see if we could find anything germinating.
We quickly noticed something that appeared like an air bubble squirting out
something green. This was our fern spore which was germinating. Next, we removed
a few of the germinating spores from the petri dish and put them under a
compound microscope scope. We found the spore wall and observed how the
developing gametophyte had broken through the wall, as instructed by our lab
manuals. One could also identify the chloroplasts with in the cell. We then put
up our dishes for another week.
     The third week of our fern lab we identified the difference between male
and female gametophytes. We did this by taking a culture from our petri dish and
placing it under a dissecting microscope. Due to the male and female being both
located on the same prothallus it was necessary to obtain the exact location of
the antherium and the archegonium from the lab book or the instructor. Once this
was done it was fairly easy to tell the difference between the male gametophyte
or (antheridium) and female gametophyte (archegonium) on the prothallus. The
antheridium was located around the perimeter of the prothallus, near the
rhizoids. The antheridium was located near the growing notch on the under side
of the prothallus. To me the growing notch seem to like red dots set up like
bowling pins. We also observed sperm swimming around the archegonium. We then
put our fern lab petri dishes back under the light until next week....

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