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Fernwood Womens Fitness Health Club Essay

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Fernwood women's health club is a business which is primarily based on improving women's health and fitness. The founder of this club, Diana Williams, has felt the difference of regular exercise. That was the main reason for her to open a new door in the world of women fitness. She realised that women felt intimidated to exercise in a mixed gym and she decided she needs to do something about it.The first Fernwood women's health club was established in central Victoria in 1989. She wanted the club as a sanctuary to workout in a relaxed environment and enjoy regular exercise. Since the establishment of this health club it has grown dramatically and is the largest organization of its kind with over 85,000 members and staff trained to help every one of them to reach their goal.EXPERIENCES AND SKILLS THAT THEY BROUGHT TO THE BUSINESSBefore establishing the business, Diana Williams, had experienced the difficulties faced to establishing regular exercise routines and how intimidating it could be at times. Diana Williams has been there and done that. She had been on a fitness routine and realised the benefit it created for her. She wanted to share this with other women and help them overcome their fears of mixed gyms by finally opening a women's only club.Diana Williams was determined to do something about women getting embarrassed from mixed gyms so she spoke to John Clow. He was a local gym owner and helped Diana come up with a conclusion to help women enjoy fitness. John, being a gym owner, had experience and skills on how to run, manage and succeed in a business. He was the major building block for Diana Williams's fitness club for women.Other experiences and skills include, making the fitness environment as enjoyable and relaxing as possible- just the way women like it to be. She also made sure that women would join the gym and not leave because they felt left out, embarrassed or making wrong decisions about their fitness.PROBLEMS THEY FACEDIt is very common for any business to experience financial difficulty either when they first start or down the track when they are not making any business. A problem which was faced when Fernwood women's health clubs first established was the return of income they were getting back after opening. It was just enough to cover bills and rents.During the 1980's the fitness industry had a very bad reputation and no credit rating. It was an industry that people would not want to invest in. financial advisors advised Diana not to open a business in this industry because of the amount of previous fitness businesses collapsing. There was not a better response from banks. She realised that the banks were not ready to give loans to anyone wishing to enter the fitness industry because of its failure rate.For the first year or so Diana Williams and John Clow had no salary. The money they made came mainly from the business and went back into the business for rents, wages, creditors and any other expenses. They also put back...

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