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Fertile Ground And Difficult Lifestyle In Angola

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its agriculture and its food security. The total population of Angola is around 20.82 million in the land area of 1 246 700 km2. Life expectancy in Angola is 51.06 years (recorded in 2011), the religion in Angola is a majority Christian country. The capital city of Angola is Luanda with other major cities such as; N’dalatando, Hu ambo, Lobito, Benguela, Kuito, Lubango, Malanje, Namibe, Soyo. The gross domestic product per capita is around 5 484. 83 USD (recorded in 2012). Angola’s level of urbanisation 3.97% annual rate of change (2010-15 east) with poverty rate of 38% of population has no access to water, 30% have access to health facilities and 58% of children who enrolled in primary education completed. The Climate in Angola is cool and dry in May – October seasons, hot and rainy in April – November seasons.

Angola has a very large variety of food consisting of flour, beans, rice, meat, fish, and chicken and with vegetables consisting of sweet potato leaves, tomatoes, onions and okra. Angola also has a variety of different kinds of sauces and different types of spices.
In Angola there are two main biome types, savannah and woodlands. A savannah consists of mainly grass with scattered trees around the biome with fertile soil depending on what they are growing and the woodlands in Angola are basically the same as the savannah but soil is more fertile then savannah .

In Angola there are many agricultural regions but the main ones are Huambo, Luanda, Malanje and Namibe. Most of the countries in Angola farm the same crops like corn and citrus fruits but in Malanje there is a wide range of foods consisting of avocado, corn, citrus, sweat potatoes, beans, tobacco and herbs, just to name a few. In fact Angola is the second most rich in agriculture in Africa.

Angola is ranked 87 out of 107 in the global food security index with only 1 strength and 8 challenges. Angola’s one strength is its agricultural import tariffs and its 8 challenges are corruption, Eiu women’s economic opportunity index, agricultural infrastructure, gross domestic product per capita(PPP), Angola’s protein quality on agriculture R&D, EIU Democracy and proportion under global poverty line. Most of the challenges of Angola comes under the topic of availability. ...

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