Fertility, Reproduction Decision Making And Education: Case Studies

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• Couple education was said to be the main reason for the low use of family planning in Eastern Sudan. The strongest determinants for family planning in these places are the husband’s disapproval and their religious beliefs. It is also determined that couples educational status and women’s occupation affects the unmet needs for family planning.
• In most population, increasing women’s education helped to decrease the unmet needs for family planning. In Uganda, women with secondary or higher education has lower unmet family planning needs compared to Kenya with women with less than secondary education with two times as much family planning needs.
• Access to health facilities and information about contraception was improved to those educated women. Similarly, beside the current study, husband’s education in many African countries was related with the use of family planning .Unfortunately, among Sudanese women, there is high level of illiteracy which was the significant foreteller for maternal morbidity and mortality in the different regions of Sudan including the Eastern part. Sudan has one of the lowest net school enrollment rates for girls in the world. This may be due to early marriage and poverty, hence, the imperative need and priority is education in health programs.
• Cultural minorities are generally measured to be severely more resistant to most figures of social change than other groups (Ortigas and Regalado, 1978).
• According to the study entitled “Factors Associated With The Acceptance And Non-Acceptance Of Family Planning Program Among Cultural Minorities In Bukidnon, Philippines” (Cabriles,D., 1981), the ethno-linguistic groups of both the wife and the husband had a connection on the fertility practice of the couples. In the most recent census of the province, the ethnic composition of Quirino was 74% Ilocano and 14% Ifugao (National Statistics Office, 1995). Much as...

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