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ALVAREZ, LIANA DEP 2000 09/23/2014 8:25 AM ESSAY # 1If my partner and I had to deal with challenges of infertility, we will take one step at a time. Infertility can be very upsetting and the range of reproductive technologies offered can be confusing. We will think at all the options ahead of us, and will think positively. Once we face an infertility process and we are unable to conceive after several attempts, I believe there are so many questions that arise with a fertility treatment or even adoption. We will definitely make a research about different fertility treatments, after visiting a fertility specialist I believe we will try to conceive with first level infertility treatments such as fertility drugs, lifestyle changes as indicated or artificial insemination, picking the one that better fit our infertility type, considering age also and how long we had infertility issues. In vitro fertilization would be the last fertility treatment we would try before considering adoption, but we rather prefer to take a moment to think about how this will affect our baby in the long term, how he or she will handle being an adopted child or a child that came to the world through a fertility treatment, and that would be our primary concern when deciding having a baby this way due to infertility reasons.Fertility treatments involve that question, which includes moral, and social responsibility. Even though some studies find that the quality of life for the kids of families who have used fertility treatment may be superior to that of kids in families who used natural conception, questions will always arise. I believe is significant what we feel at different stages after we consider all the challenges of infertility in order to make the right decision, and how we will deal with it in order to choose fertility treatments or adoption as the way to start a family. We all want to have a happy and healthy baby. If we choose artificial insemination as our first option, I am not much worry for the procedure itself; I will repeat it as much as needed. But, choosing to be a parent through fertility treatments or considering adoption in my opinion not only involve how we will deal with the issue, I am more concern on how my baby will deal with this fact later. I will try to imagine how would affect me if that were my case. Then, I remembered something that answer our concern, and gave us a correct path to follow when handling challenges of infertility and considering fertility treatment or even adoption as a mean to start a family.My sister uses to play a game with me when little; she makes me believe that...

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Infertility Treatments Essay

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800 words - 3 pages , etc.), spinal cord injuries, and varicocele (a swollen varicose vein in the scrotum). These all affect sperm count, therefore reducing the chance that a sperm will reach an egg in time.Many options for fertility treatment are out there, ranging from natural methods to surgery. Informative books, videos, programs, websites, and flyers are out and available to the public. One of the first treatments doctors recommend is fertility medication such as

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4161 words - 17 pages other fertility issues are dinner table conversation in our modern society. Even so, it is important to realize that going through with infertility treatments is not an easy decision. In Birth to Death, Dr. Michael McClure states that ART "leads to ethical, moral, and legal questions based on what we should do, as opposed to what we can do" (Thomasma & Kushner, 1996). Each new technological method generates new medical, ethical, and legal

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Fertility Treatments Essay

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