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Feudalism And How It Affected Old England

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Feudalism was a very important aspect in developing the political organization in medieval England. It was one of dominant governments used by the nobles. Feudalism was when one of the king’s noblemen would give land to a man known as a fief and give the fief people to work the land for him. These people are known as serfs. The fief would then protect the serfs from being attacked as long, as long as the serfs worked the land to provide an income for the fief. If the fief accepted the nobles offer he would have to swear his allegiance to the king. After he swore to the nobles the fief would become a vassal to the noblemen. When the fief became a vassal he would have to provide ...view middle of the document...

The transition was inevitable though because the government was evolving. Some argue that transition from feudalism to capitalism could have been avoided, but with the evolving government personally I think it would have happened one way or another. “The debate lay dormant for several decades. The debate about the transition from feudalism is only part of Wrightson’s purpose “It is a masterly survey of English social and economic history from approximately 1450 to 1750 that can exist quite apart from historiographical wars”” (source A-4). Historians like “Wrightson avoid the “feudalism to capitalism” terminology; his argument is that the early modern period was a turning point in British economic and social history. The turning point represents a move away from the individualized household society of the Middle Ages” (source A-5). As England began to grow in population the old feudalism political organization was becoming more and more outdated as capitalism began to take over the English political systems. “The gradual creation of an integrated national economy in which market relationships were expanded, the emergence was completely unexpected. The principal agents of the change were threatening and divisive. Between the years of 1450 and 1600 the population of Britain and Europe grew dramatically” (source A-6). As the population grew so did the price of supplies and services. The people of Europe were not ready for the increase in prices and it hurt a lot of people economically. “Between the years of 1450 and 1600, prices particularly foodstuff, increased by almost 600%. The new demographic and economic forces destroyed many of the established patterns of social and economic life in Britain, the urban classes were especially devastated by inflation” (source A-7). The rise in prices wasn’t bad for everyone it helped out the agricultural economy very much, but for lower classmen it made it very difficult to survive. “Well-to-do...

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