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Marital Relationships: Couple Case Study

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Case-Study: Steve and Cindy
Marital relationship are the bedrock of society. Likewise, men and woman date to find that special one they select to be a lifelong companion until death parts them. Men and women are create different and have different ways of thinking and doing things. In Genesis 2:24 (NKJV) says, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Marriage is a covenant agreement that is not to taken lightly. God has created marriage and also knows how to help couples who find their selves in marital discord help in strengthening their marriage.
David Clarke (2001) describes the individuals in a marriage have different sexually, physically, hormonally, intellectually, brain construction and chemistry, emotional expression, personality, and family background. Therefore, couples have to learn how to comprise, problem solve, and communicate to create an atmosphere in the marriage were the couple can grow as individuals and as a couple.
Furthermore, when hurting couple who find themselves and their marriage in trouble they can turn to a pastor or a professional counselor for guidance, wisdom, and intervention to improve a hopeless marriage. The trouble in marriage help to develop and mature husband and wives. Couples have to release selfishness and become selflessness.
Moreover, a couple can chose to see a counselor that using Prepare/Enrich software to do a couple check-up to evaluate the couple. Prepare/Enrich help builds strong marriage. The assessment can reveal to the couple the areas that they are weak in, strong in, and disagree in a particular matter (Olsen, 2012). The counselor will have a facilitator’s report in which they will create a couple’s report to share with the couple.
In particularly, a husband named Steve and wife Cindy have contacted a Christian counselor named Ms. Johnson to help them rebuild their marriage. Moreover, in the initial meeting with the couple they were given an informed consent document and information to complete their online assessment. Ms. Johnson has created a couple’s report to share with the couple at the next session.

Identify Key Areas (strengths and weaknesses)
The couple name is Steve and Cindy and they are ready to evaluate their couple’s report. Steve and Cindy have some relationships strengths and weakness that Ms. Johnson will explore with the couple. For instance, the strengths of Steve and Cindy are they Protestant Christian, share the same family and friends view point, roles, and responsibilities. Likewise, the weakness of the couple are communication, conflict resolution, leisure and activities, and partner styles and habits (Olsen, 2012).
The couples sharing the same Christian faith, beliefs and values can assistance them in healing the area of their marriage where conflict exist. In Ephesians 5:21 (NKJV) states, “Submit to on another out of reverence for Christ”. Therefore Steve and Cindy can invite Jesus...

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