Ffa: The Nation’s Most Effective High School Club

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High school can be a very terrifying and a frustrating place to cope with. Students have to worry about fitting in and finding somewhere they truly belong. In order to find that place of belonging students can join clubs and interact with other students with the same interests as them. Clubs help students not only make lifelong friendships, but also develop skills they can take with them throughout their life and career. Although many high school clubs have proved to be a good experience in a student’s high school career, The National FFA Organization (FFA) serves many great purposes for students making it the most effective high school club because it develops student’s potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.
FFA focuses on three major areas. The first area, premier leadership, strives to build up student’s leadership skills through many different opportunities. As FFA members, students have the opportunity to serve as chapter (school) officers, federation officers, regional officers, and even state and national officers. When serving as a FFA officer students work together with other officers and members to plan and run different events throughout the school year. Officers also run club meetings through the use of parliamentary procedure, which helps meetings run smooth and prevents confusion among members and anyone else in attendance at the meetings.
According to the Brand Identity Study, FFA members are hardworking individuals of good character noted for their trustworthiness and ownership of responsibility. Officers work hard to meet deadlines in planning activities such as leadership workshops, kickball tournaments, and anything else that gets members active. All leaders should be responsible. Everything in today’s society requires responsible people to effectively run. FFA shows students how important responsibility can be not only in school but out of school as well. Dedication means loving what you do in and out of school. Through FFA students find their passion and often times find things that interest them to the point where they look into possible careers and projects relating to that topic. A true leader should be trustworthy because if people cannot trust their leader, they cannot build relationships and friendships and they would never get anything accomplished. While in FFA students work closely with other team members and advisors who encourage them to always be honest and do their best work in all their classes.
Many opportunities present themselves to FFA members to attend multiple leadership conferences across the state. State Officers work hard to put together many life changing conferences such as MEGA and State Leadership Conference (SLC) just to name a few. These leadership conferences provide the opportunity for FFA members to go and learn the leadership qualities it takes to be a great leader. At these conferences members attend workshops and mingle with other members their age...

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