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I volunteered for The American Red Cross in various locations within the San Diego area. By volunteering in various locations the site supervisor changed. Fortunately for the majority of the dates I was able to volunteer the same site supervisor was in charge. In addition, by being a volunteer for this organization I had the opportunity to gain knowledge and identify the important purpose for this organization. Before volunteering I had to contact the representative, submit several forms and receive a training.
The training I received was over the phone. Jacquie Dutchover the representative for volunteer recruitment at the American Red Cross explained the position I would be held responsible. She also explained the guidelines and the appropriate attire needed in order to represent the organization. Throughout the training she clearly stated the needed things to efficiently volunteer. The training received was simple, direct and took approximately 15 minutes.
Friday, November 8 was my first time volunteering for the American Red Cross. I volunteered for a total of six hours at a High School in San Diego, California. My main duty was to check in every donor as they came in. Being a high school different regulations were placed. If a student was sixteen they were required to have a parent permission form. Also, the form they were required was sky blue. Therefore, they could not pretend to have a different age. On the other hand if a student was seventeen or older the parent permission form was not mandatory to have. A simple call from a representative of the American Red Cross to the student’s parent asking for consent was sufficient for them to donate. Following the parent permission the student was asked for their last name and a picture identification. If the student did not have any sort of identification they were asked to look up their photo in the yearbook therefore two i.d. with my initials was written on a given name tag. Furthermore they were told to read an informational book, eat a donut, drink a bottle of water and to take a seat.
Sunday, November 17 was my third time volunteering. I held the same position as previously mentioned, but the...