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Table 1Milk and meat production and related GHG emissions – global average 4

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Figure 1Production of commodity in selected country (1990 – 2011) 3
Figure 2 Most produced commodities in selected country (1990 – 2011) 3
Figure 3. Relative contribution of world regions to milk production and GHG emissions associated to milk production, processing and transportation 5


GHG Greenhouse gas
FPCM Fat and protein corrected milk
CAGR Compound annual growth rate
ECM Energy corrected milk


CO2-eq. Carbon dioxide equivalent

It is very difficult to find something that has only good impact or character, but we have to choose things in respect of how much “good” over the “bad”. With the increase of world population, it become mandatory to produce more food using limited resources. And hence science already helped us in various way to increase production by multiple fold. It is visible to every sector and it creates more pollution and environmental alteration due to use of various chemical as well as with the increase of production of commodity it needs to be stored or to transfer to other region and causing serious effect on the environment. But we cannot stop the production of agricultural produce or transportation or storage, what can we do? We can try to minimize or reduce the affecting material to the environment by using technology and as well as by increasing the awareness. Dairy sector in Ireland continuously giving its best effort to meet that goal.
A dairy is a business farm or enterprise for cultivating, harvesting, storage, production and distribution of animal milk, especially cow’s milk, for human consumption with or without production of milk based product i.e., butter.
There was a huge drop of production during 2008 and 1998, but after that, up to 2011 there is a distinctive growth of Irish milk production (figure 1), though milk was always most produced commodity of Ireland (figure 2) (FAOSTAT 2011).

Figure 1Production of commodity in selected country (1990 – 2011) (FAOSTAT 2013)

Figure 2 Most produced commodities in selected country (1990 – 2011) (FAOSTAT 2013)
According to MARKETLINE (2013), there is a slow growth in milk production during las few years. Their report shows compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.7% during 2008 to 2012.
An investigation (CSO 2013) shows there is about 50% drop in number of cattle farm including dairy, and the causes for the reduction found time and the financing. Unlike beef production, a dairy owner have to give attention to the farm all through the year and also to run a dairy, needs a lot of financing.
The amount of milk produced globally in 2011 was about 640.6 million tonnes (Ireland produced 5.5 million tonnes) (FAOSTAT 2013). The statistics from FAOSATAT (2013) revealed that, the GHG emission from...

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