Fianl Report: Proctor And Gamble Corporation.

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Proctor and Gamble Corporation is a blue chip, DOW 30 Company. They said they would get P&G growing again and they have accomplished this goal. They set demanding, realistic growth goals: 46% sales growth, 10% or better earnings per share growth, and free cash flow productivity equal to or greater than 90% of earnings. P&G has met or exceeded these growth goals for four consecutive years. Sales grown more than 40%, to $57 billion they have more than doubled their profits. P&G Generated more than $30 billion in free cash flow, returned $1billion in cash to shareholders through dividends. Have increased shareholder value another $60 billion by nearly doubling the price of P&G stock. (P&G Anuual Report)P&G is the global leader in all four categories. Baby Care and Feminine care both have global share above 35%. Fabric care has more than a 30% share globally. Hair Care is over 20% in a large and fragmented category. (P&G) In each of these categories, an innovation affordable price point has resulted in attractive value for consumers. At the same time focusing on increasing productivity throughout P&G.These are only a few out of many regulatory bodies that impact P&G, using their economical report for the year of 2004."Water; Water use has decreased this year while production increased, resulting in the eco-efficiency's increasing by 21 index points. Efforts to reduce water consumed are showing results. The height of the bars (amount of water consumption) has changed substantially between 2002 and 2004 because one of our larger sites, in Cincinnati, Ohio, moved from one GBU to another. This site has since reduced its water use and was one of the main contributors to the overall reduction." (P&G)"Clairol Receives Green Circle Award; P&G's Clairol plant in Stamford, Connecticut, is a recipient of a 2003 Green Circle Award from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The award recognizes Clairol's effort to recycle reverse-osmosis reject water by using it in the plant's scrubber and cooling systems. This resulted in a 20 percent reduction in the use of drinking-quality water." (P&G)"P&G Helps City Design Wastewater Treatment System; P&G's Alexandria plant in Louisiana has been working with its local community on a new wastewater treatment system. The project involves seeking funding, selecting technology, and system design. The new system will provide needed wastewater capacity for the City of Pineville, facilitate commercial and residential development, and prevent the need for the P&G Alexandria plant to add pretreatment technology. The new wastewater treatment system is a joint effort of the P&G Alexandria plant, the City of Pineville, and local civil engineering contractor Pan American Engineers. P&G brought in corporate expertise from the Environmental & Wastewater Resources group in its North America Fabric and Home Care Health, Safety and Environment...

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563 words - 2 pages anything other than what they want. Uncaged wants P&G to stop testing products on animals completely, but P&G have stated that they cannot stop because it is required by law in the US for new products. This has cost P&G a lot of money, time, and a big drop in stocks. The Stocks are picking back up, but will not rise fully until the campaigning has stopped.TRIZ is used by many big companies including Proctor and Gamble to solve current and

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1821 words - 7 pages , with domestic workforce becoming more and more diverse each day. Creating an HR that has the ability to recruit and select the right people and the ability to effectively socialize and train employees will allow multinational companies to excel in all business aspects. In this paper we have chosen to explore Procter and Gamble (P&G), a multinational corporation which has lead the way in creating one of the best human resource management

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1467 words - 6 pages ;G Corporation with Gillette has been culminated together to give a calculation on the return on investment. This has been conducted by summarizing the short-term liquidity and long-term liquidity, in addition to the profitability of P&G Corporation.References:Hoovers, The Procter & Gamble Company, Retrieved November 21, 2005, /procter-&-gambleNew York Stock Exchange 2005, Procter & Gamble Co, Retrieved November

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1411 words - 6 pages Procter and Gamble is well known as one of the worlds leading companies in the area of consumer goods. As a multinational company, their strategy must vary greatly based on the country they are marketing their products in. In the case of Procter and gamble's expansion into China, I believe the reason they expanded into China is obvious, Profit. With a population of more than one billion people, China is a country that is full of potential for

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2518 words - 11 pages is evidentially false ("Animal Experimentation"). Need for Change Proctor and Gamble and CoverGirl need to know the harm of these ingredients and the potential risks that consumers are facing from using their products. Therefore, animal treatment and our values and health and well-being need to be taken into consideration when choosing ingredients to be put into these different cosmetics. If the manufacturers of Proctor and Gamble (the

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2810 words - 11 pages snacks had to bear the label ?This product contains Olestra. Olestra may cause abdominal cramping and loose stools. Olestra inhibits the absorption of some vitamins and other nutrients. Vitamins A, D, E, and K have been added? (CSPInet). Nevertheless, Proctor and Gamble and other major snack makers were eager to jump on the Olestra bandwagon; after all, many stock analysts shared the sentiments of Drexel Burnham Lambert, Inc.?s Hercules

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3825 words - 16 pages University, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Proctor and Gamble, and Felix's company. Demographic factors can include gender, age, race, ethnicity, and religion. The advancement of technology and globalization creates an array of diversity among employees. Managing the demographic factors present to obtain skills, talents, and knowledge assists in enabling businesses to thrive is essential.Gender roles, Stratification and EconomyWhen Mary Kay Ash began the Mary

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2389 words - 10 pages Egyptian local products could not compete with this outstanding quality that P & G offers. The public is interested in gathering more information about the company. That is why, knowing more about the earlier foundation of the firm, its purposes and core values, the process of innovation of its products, its annual report and the link between it and its branch in Egypt could satisfy the people's curiosity. Procter & Gamble refers to William

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612 words - 2 pages sponsor the projected 12 week program period, for an estimated cost of $12,000 in service and training. Time Frame: The Foundation’s in-school Health & Fitness program launch is targeted for September 2010 Outline: • The organizational meeting: Personnel, Marketing, Advertising, Budgeting, Scheduling, etc • Team organization • Curriculum and workshop outlines • Contacting Corporations, Businesses-Proctor and Gamble-ATK, Nucor etc • Foundation funding through grants and sponsorships, professionals, education, health organizations. These could include Huntsman Institute, National Diabetes Organization, etc


2030 words - 8 pages Proctor & Gamble (P&G) is a global corporation employing over 98,000 people worldwide. There are five paper manufacturing plants in the United States that produce Charmin, Puffs, and Bounty products. The paper plants are located in: Oxnard, California, Albany, Georgia, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Cape Girard, Missouri, and Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. We will concentrate our efforts on the amount of sheet breaks of Charmin product in the Albany

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1940 words - 8 pages the better. The determination to produce numbers that are record breaking each quarter is the starting point to taking the organization into the forefront. This serves as testimony for the Proctor and Gamble merger which allows the competition to know what it means to build a relationship on the grounds of trust and integrity.Pros and Cons of a MergerDuring the merger process Procter and Gamble and Wella needed to examine the various pros and cons

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3098 words - 12 pages aggregate deals furthermore 90% of PG's benefit. PG keeps up the strongest‐performing arrangement of brands inside its industry. Additionally, PG keeps up its key playing point for the general accomplishment of the fir. Innovation Proctor and Gamble is the business pioneer as far as advancement. Every year in the U.s., the IRI New Product Pacesetter Report positions the top of the line new items inside the purchaser market. In the course of recent years