Fiber Reinforced Concrete And Its Application

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AIM: The aim of this topic is to define fiber reinforced concrete and its application, it important properties as well as it superior resistance to cracking. As a result of the ability of fiber to arrest cracks, the composites of fiber possesses an increased in tensile strength both at the first crack and at ultimate, especially under flexural loading, and the fibers can still hold the matrix together even after a lot of cracking.
 Introduction
Concrete is a structural material that is weak in tension and they also have brittle properties with a low tensile strength and strain capacity. Fiber reinforced concrete is known as one of the fastest segments in concrete which contain fibrous ...view middle of the document...

The reason while concrete get cracked is because of the Economical , Structural or Environmental factors, but most of the cracks are formed because they can resist the tensile forces due to the weakness of the material. Fiber reinforced concrete can be produced using the method of conventional concrete but there are some important differences.
 Mixtures Compositions and Placing
Fiber reinforced concrete can be mixed using different methods. There should be a uniform dispersion in the fibers so as to mix properly in order to prevent segregation of the fibers during mixing. Segregation usually occurs during the fiber addition process. Increasing the percentage volume of fiber aspect ratio, size and the quality of coarse aggregate will intensify the tendency of segregation and decrease the workability.
To have a quality fiber reinforced concrete, the mixes should have higher cement and fine aggregate content and a smaller size of coarse aggregate. A fiber mix will requires more vibration to consolidate the mix.
 The Mechanical properties of fiber reinforced concrete
When a fiber is added to concrete, it helps to hasten its mechanical properties which mainly depend on the type and the percentage of fiber. When determining the mechanical properties of fiber reinforced concrete, we use the same procedure and equipment as used for conventional concrete.
 Properties of fiber reinforced concrete
Compressive strength: When fiber is in concrete, it may speed up the mode of failure of cylinders but the effect of fiber will be minimal when the compressive strength values is improved from 0-15 percent). Fibers help to enhance the statics compressive strength of concrete thereby increasing it strength.
 Tensile Strength: An increase in direct tensile strength of fibers help to aligned the direction of the tensile stress. The increase in strength is much smaller for more or less randomly distributed fibers. The presence of 3 percent...

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