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Fibre Optics Essay

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Fibre optics are one of the most cutting edge technology humans possess in our current century. These extremely thin strands of highly pure glass consist of a microscopical core, a cladding concealing the core and a buffer coat veiling both the core and the cladding. Fibre optics are used to transmit information over extremely long distances at incredible speeds. For our demonstration, we will be testing a piece of optical fibre, observing the result(s), researching the functionality and explaining how it functions to the homo sapiens at school.


Optical information transmitting systems date all the way back to the 1790s, the optical semaphore invented by Claude ...view middle of the document...

Now, I will be explaining it in an easier way. When you shine a light down a hallway, the light continues straight down the hallway and end. If there were any bends or corners, the light will not continue. As for fibre optics, the light is able to curve, bend and twist. This is done because the light bounces (at a critical angle) between inside the core (which was previously explained) and is able to continue.


My helpful colleague and I predict that the light is emitted via the emitter into the fibre, it ricochets through the optical fiber to appear at the receiver which alerts the buzzer.


To conduct a demonstration on fibre optics, to research the technique in which the fibre functions and to see how the fibre relates to our real world.


To commence, we need to acquire required materials and equipment. Subsequently, we need to place our emitters and receivers in the correct positions. The precise position is vital in order to maintain consistency and accuracy. Next, we connect one end of the optical fibre to the emitter and the other to the receiver. Following that, we connect our battery to the emitter(carefully placing it...

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