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* What is FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia comes from the word fibrositis which is a chronic and debilitating syndrome. This disease causes the patient to have wide spread pain in the muscles and soft tissue surrounding the joints throughout the body as well as fatigue and multiple tender points. These tender points occur in precise, localized areas such as the neck, spine, shoulders and hips. Currently, there is no known cause and no proven cure for Fibromyalgia. It appears energetically as toxins in the muscular system of the body. Each of us normally store some toxins in the body. We have all experienced this when we feel tender spots in our necks and shoulders when someone is giving us a massage. These tender spots, kinks or trigger points are places in the body where we hold on to unwanted or repressed emotional energy, with the toxins representing the physical manifestation of the issue. When we injure ourselves or activate one of our trigger points, the nerves in the body respond by releasing a chemical called ATP. ATP is interpreted by the brain as pain. The brain can trigger the releasing of ATP merely by having a particular kind of thought or feeling. However, Fibromyalgia sufferers are unable to process the ATP. It is not flushed through the system through the regular metabolic processes. As a result, the surrounding nerves are then triggered, causing them to release ATP also. This triggering continues like dominoes, until the entire muscle group or the entire body is involved. The body is then left with this backup of toxins that are trapped in the body until they are flushed through the system, thus restoring "normal health" or Homeostasis.* What causes FibromyalgiaThe cause of Fibromyalgia remains unknown however researchers have several theories about what causes or triggers this disorder. Some scientists believe that the syndrome may be caused by a recent physical trauma one that may affect the nervous system. Other causes could stem from a viral or bacterial infection, repetitive strain to certain areas of the body (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), changes in hormones, emotional trauma. Some researchers have found that changes in the blood flow within the muscular system have also been linked to the onset of this disease however; there has been no one agent that has been identified in causing Fibromyalgia.* Symptoms of FibromyalgiaPeople with Fibromyalgia experience multiple symptoms which include extreme fatigue or constant exhaustion that occurs on a day to day basis. Sleep disorder is associated with Fibromyalgia in such a way that patients are unable to get a satisfactory amount of sleep. This in turn causes insomnia and the cycle continues because without the proper rest the lack of sleep makes the patient feel worse. Muscle pain and morning stiffness are also associated to this disease. Other symptoms linked to this disease are jaw pain, numbness and tingling of the extremities, skin sensitivities, irritable bowel, chronic...

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1336 words - 5 pages The treatment of Fibromyalgia should be viewed as a “team approach”. Most chronic pain does not respond to drugs and may require an aggressive use of nonpharmacological therapies or “the rehab approach”. This includes a lifestyle change, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This approach should include use of a physician, occupational therapist, physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, an acupuncturist and any specialists, such as

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1516 words - 7 pages drifting in mid-air, my mind would not accept these words so instead I was left watching them as if they were solid masses in front of my eyes. Fibromyalgia—a disease that doctors are still studying and many know little about. How could this happen? How did I get this disease? All these questions raced through my mind. When the doctor had no reply, the questions derailed from their thoughtful track and crashed into the brick wall that was

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1378 words - 6 pages What Is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia (FM) is a “musculoskeletal disorder” with extreme sensitization of central nervous system (connecting brain and spinal cord) which sends amplified pain signals to the body. People with Fibromyalgia have over sensitized central nervous system affecting all the senses of the body. Harsh light, loud sounds, eating spicy foods, inhaling heavy perfumes or vapors, or even a light touch of hand can be extremely

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1383 words - 6 pages The Social Construction of Fibromyalgia      “With so many people in so much pain, how could fibromyalgia not be a disease?” (Groopman 3) This question regarding the “condition of persistent muscle pain throughout the body, pain that is often accompanied by severe fatigue, insomnia, diarrhea and abdominal bloating, bladder irritation, and headache,” now known as fibromyalgia raises some rather interesting yet

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858 words - 4 pages Fibromyalgia, also known as fibromyalgia syndrome and fibromyositis, is a chronic pain disorder that affects people physically, socially, and mentally. It can affect any area of the body and affects multiple areas. This disorder is most common in women, but it can also affect men and children of all ethnic groups. Most people are diagnosed between the ages of twenty and fifty. People who have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, or Spinal Arthritis have

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952 words - 4 pages Fibromyalgia was once dismissed by many traditional medical practitioners as a phantom illness.But that view is changing rapidly. Not only is fibromyalgia accepted as a diagnosable illness, it is also a syndrome that researchers are finding more complicated as new information emerges.As recently as a year ago, many physicians still associated some of fibromyalgia's symptoms with emotional problems, but that's no longer the case.A simple

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2160 words - 9 pages Fibromyalgia affects approximately 4% of adults. It primarily affects women. Not nearly enough is known about this debilitating condition. Approximately 3-6 million Americans, ranging in age from 20-50, are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (Murray, Daniels, Murray, 2006). Diagnosis has been on the rise with doctors not knowing sometimes how to treat the patient because a finite cause has yet to be found. Many who suffer from Fibromyalgia know that

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829 words - 3 pages A study conducted by Dykman and Tone (1998) took 50 subjects with a physician's diagnosis of fibromyalgia (FM) and or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and interviewed them with a structured interview form. Nine months later, a follow up interviews was completed. In addition, all subjects in the study had previously received some form of medical treatment (massage therapy, biofeedback, physical therapy, etc) before taking the nutritional


672 words - 3 pages Determination Resembling Marguerite in “Getting a Job,” I have overcome many obstacles’ with courage and determination. The main obstacle I have to handle is my health. I have a disease called Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain and mimics the symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis. My Fibro was caused by a series of traumatic injuries, my first injury was an injury to my back; that was in

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1045 words - 5 pages include that if the death caused from narcotic usage is not indemnified (Twomey & Jennings, 2014, p. 788). In order to be insured by Meridian, Beth was subject to series comprehensive medical tests to determine her overall state of health including inclusive of blood and urine analysis that will indicate the presence of illegal substances like opiates and THC (Billy, 2013 ). Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness treated with medical marijuana; that is

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1210 words - 5 pages interventions must aid the patient in adapting and coping with this uncertainty. In a study by Johson, Zautra & Davis, (2006) on woman with Fibromyalgia symptoms, they found that as the patient’s health improves the amount of uncertainty decreases; however, when the illness returns they found increased levels of uncertainty. In addition, they found that uncertainty is worse with diseases that are of unknown origin and have no known biological cause

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1579 words - 7 pages In recent years the importance of health has increased throughout the United States. Physical activity has shown to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, as well as used as a treatment for a variety of diseases, disorders, and syndromes. Fibromyalgia is a common disorder in roughly five million Americans. Of the five million people who are affected by this disorder about 80-90% of them are women, although it is possible for men and

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1257 words - 5 pages post-menopause. The estrogen loss is a major factor in bone formation. Other factors include family members who have had the disease, smoking, and being on certain medications such as prednisone. There is no known treatment for fibromyalgia, but in realizing the susceptibility I have in developing osteoporosis because of it, I have started to take the steps necessary to avoid this from happening as much as possible. Thanks to President Obama