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A Brothers Bond
In the “Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich, she uses symbolism of a red convertible that changes thought the story and means different things. The story is about two brothers that grew up on an Indian reservation who buy a car with the money they saved up and take a road trip one summer, and they go all over the place. The car gave them a lot of freedom and this made the two brothers relationship stronger. They were both very different from each other, people even said they had no idea how they were brothers because they looked nothing like each other. The convertible represents the two brother’s relationship as it has its ups and downs.
As the brothers start out on their road trip they are care free and don’t have a worry in the world, they went everywhere in that car. As Erdrich says in the story, “We went places in that car, me and Henry. We took off driving one whole summer” (Erdrich 453). Also she goes on to explain where they went, “We started off toward the Little Knife River and Mandaree in Fort Berthold and then we found ourselves down Wakpala somehow, and then suddenly we were over Montana on the Rocky Boys” (Erdrich 453). The car held up good on the trip while the brothers were together no maintenance was required, “We made the most of the trip, that summer, without putting up the car hood at all” (Erdrich 454). As they were on their way back to their home in Alaska they picked up a hitchhiker named Susy that was also from Alaska and they offer her a ride back home. When they get to her home they stay with her for a while, the brothers relationship at this point was the best it had ever been. After staying with Susy for a good while they decided it was time for their departure and they went home.
Henry had signed up to join the army before they left, as it so happens, “We got home just in time, it turned out, for the army to remember Henry had signed up to join it” (Erdrich 454). He was taken off to training camp and only got to come home once and that was for Christmas and as soon as he got home from training he had a letter to be shipped off overseas. As the brother were drawn apart from each other the car mirrors their relationship. It started to need service and breakdown. “Most of the time I had it up on blocks in the yard or half taken apart, because that long trip did a job on it under the hood” (Erdrich 454). The letters Lyman sent to Henry rarely got though so as the communication between the two brothers wore down so did...

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