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Fictional Psychological Assessment On Jack From The Novel 'lord Of The Flies'

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Psychological AssessmentName: JackDates of Evaluation: 9/12/1943Case No: 25'491Building No.: 11Admission Date: 5/12/1943Date of Report: 10/12/1943Report Conducted By: Prof. Billy MarlerPurpose for evaluation:Jack was admitted for evaluation one week ago after months spent on an island with many other stranded school boys, in this report I will cover what I believe to be true about Jack's personality and mental state.Background Information:Both Jack's mother and father work as lawyers in 'H&G Lawyers' in London. From a young age Jack has always tried to be in charge and better than his peers. Jack is an only child and longs for the love of his father (who constantly tells him he can always do better and never praises what he does well.) His grandparents both died before he was born and neither his mother or farther have siblings.Jack hasn't been examined nor sent to any mental institute/Psychiatric clinic.Mental ...view middle of the document...

During the time stranded at least four boys have stated that he ordered anyone who did not listen to him to be whipped across the backside until he was satisfied they had learned a lesson.Jack possesses the feeling that a social hierarchy should be based on your physical attributes and ability to do certain things (for instance Jack suggested to the other boys because he was taller than all of them he was more suitable for the job role of leader, he also suggested that because he can sing a high note that it is also his job to be in charge.)From reports, Jack constantly abused the children both physically and verbally. One in particular was a young boy called 'piggy'. The child was often teased for his weight, told to be quiet and subject to physical violence (a slap so hard that it broke his glasses.)Jack is a young boy that likes to be a Shepard and never a sheep. Jack felt no remorse when one of his soldiers killed 'Piggy', who was trying to speak to the whole group and get them to be more humane again. In fact, Jack decided that he would also try to attack Piggy's friend who escorted him to the meeting, though thankfully the child got away.Given the situation, I would estimate any other child that had developed ADHD to behave in this manor and also act the same way Jack did.Recommendations:I recommend that Jack is put under psychotherapy and is checked up on twice a week by a councillor. He is in no fit state as of this moment to resume education, and if it is absolutely necessary I suggest he is home schooled until given the all clear by two individual psychotherapists, though I feel it is going to take many years to resume a safe and sane child and unfortunately, a lifetime of drugs to help him cope with his depression and mental illness.Please let me know if any additional information is needed concerning the results of this evaluation.

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