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"Fidel Castro" : A Film About The Life And Times Of Fidel Castro

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The movie 'Fidel Castro' was about the life and times of Fidel Castro and his rise to power in Cuba. This biographical documentary takes a look at one of the most complex figures of our time in dictatorship and international politics.The movie begins at a time where Fidel was a young man and a respected lawyer involved in political movements against Batista's regime. The film portrays Fidel Castro as an inspired, natural leader who believes in fighting for what is right for the people of Cuba. Political aspirations get in way of Castro's family and he ends up having an affair and leaving his family behind to pursue his dreams.Fidel plans an attack on a Cuban barracks, loses most of his followers and gets thrown in jail. But defeat did not discourage Fidel from his dreams of overthrowing Batista's regime. After serving his time in jail, Fidel was expelled from the country. Castro builds an army in neighboring Mexico and plans to attack Cuba and Batista. Once his army is trained and ready Fidel sails over to Cuba and get in another battle. Again, loosing most of his men, Castro survives again to live another day. Fidel flees into the mountains were he start a rebellion army. Castro's word is getting out from the mountains over the local radio, which helps him in recruiting more followers and gain more public support to overthrow Batista.Batista know how much of a threat Castro is and tries to find him in the mountains and kill him. Anybody with a military background can tell you that Castro was very smart in doing this. First Castro had weapons that Batista did not know about, plus the major factor of defending a position from a higher point than the surrounding area. Castro knew he had an advantage in his defensive position. I think that Castro purposely went on the radio because...

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705 words - 3 pages Fidel Castro Fidel Castro Ruz was born on August 13, 1926, on his family's sugar plantation near Biran, Oriente province, Cuba. His father, originally an immigrant laborer from Galicia, Spain, became owner of a 23,000-acre plantation. As a boy, Castro worked in the family's sugar cane fields and at 6 years old convinced his parents to send him to school. He attended two Jesuit institutions, the Colegio Lasalle and the Colegio

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790 words - 3 pages three countries. United States of America, Cuba and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). Fidel Castro is a Cuban revolutionary, who took control of Cuba in 1959 and established a Communist dictatorship. Castro, who was born in Mayari, became the leader of an underground, anti-government faction. In 1956, he led a rebellion that won increasing popular support. Eventually Castro forced Batista y Zaldivar, who was the premier of Cuba to flee

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544 words - 2 pages Fidel Castro, a very well known leader, is a man with a lot of power. For many years, Cuba has been under his control and his ideas have influenced many other leaders in other countries. Many groups in other countries have used his ideas and have become revolutionary as well. This has caused a lot of violence, poverty, and unbalanced countries. This man has a strong revolutionary spirit, and he's a good example of a real rebel.Castro's life is

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3935 words - 16 pages and see what influential events in his life helped him get where he has gotten. Before we get into the Revolution, we must first explore Cuba's history and the government. Since Castro has become dictator of Cuba, there have been many improvements in health care, schooling, economy, etc.Fidel Castro, born on August 13, 1926, to a wealth family came to rule Cuba in 1959. He led revolts and meticulously planned until he gained a free Cuba under his

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765 words - 3 pages and has also burned bridges with people from his own country that in some way were helping or contributing to Cuba. Fidel Castro did not like Fulgencio Batista. Batista was a military officer who was president from 1940-1944. Castro felt like Batista was corrupt and he was not legit about his word. Castro felt like Batista was a puppet of the United States, so he wanted to overthrow him. On July 26, 1953 Fidel Castro led a rebel force of 140

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2324 words - 10 pages them off. Just two days later, Fidel Castro announced victory, and as a result, he became even more closely aligned and allied with the Soviet Union, distrusting the Americans even more. Most of the exiles were either jailed or killed, one believing that he would never escape prison wrote about the failure of the invasion, saying “there was a feeling we were sacrificed, left to eat possum in the swamps around the bay”. (See figure 4) The Bay of

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643 words - 3 pages In the 1950s, a ruthless tyrant took over the power of a once free nation in Cuba. This tyrant is called Fidel Castro. Castro separated families, destroyed Cuba’s economic prosperity, and denounced religion and the religious rights of his people. He imprisoned, tortured, and killed thousands of Cubans that stood up against him. However, those that weren’t killed were forced to leave the country and to never return. Due to the vicious and savage

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181 words - 1 page Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 16th, 1926, in Mayari, Cuba. Castro was the illegitimate son of Ángel Castro y Argiz, a wealthy farmer and landowner. Castro reached his full potential at the University of Havana in law, where he also studied politics. His political ideas were formed throughout these years, and he joined several student political groups devoted to helping the poor workers and peasants. His ideas later matured

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720 words - 3 pages Fidel Castro’s Presidency Fidel Castro was a president of Cuba during his presidency and time before and after that, many significant events went on. Fidel Castro was a friend of the Soviet’s Union during the Cold War. They helped him until they ended up collapsing. The Cold war was caused because of a tense relationship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. They never battled but there was that the end of this war would be a nuclear war

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2338 words - 9 pages Fidel Castro, the Cuban people’s Leader Fidel Castro and the United States of America have a very tense relationship. The current president of Cuba has helped the less fortunate people of Cuba in many ways, but in doing created conflict between the wealthier Cubans who in turn have chosen to seek homes on US soil in Florida. Castro is a very powerful leader who speaks for the people, in general, of Cuba. Since the 1960’s when Castro

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846 words - 4 pages regime” at a Jesuit boarding school. In 1945 he enrolled at the University of Havana, and graduated in 1950 with a law degree. In 1948, he married Mirta Diaz-Balart and divorced her in 1954. Their son, Fidel Castro Ruz Diaz-Balart was born in 1949, and has served as head of Cuba's atomic energy commission since he was young. Castro lead the Cuban Revolution and then proceeded to become the next dictator of Cuba. Fidel Castro was very “revered and

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961 words - 4 pages Fidel Castro Throughout history, when you look back, you find many countries that fall under a control that turns things in an opposite direction of where they were pointed. In Cuba, this was under Prime Minister, Fidel Castro. Born on August 13, 1926 in the wedlock at his father’s farm, Castro would live here until age 8 when he would go live with his teacher. He was not well behaved, and would find himself traveling in out of different

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543 words - 2 pages Pick-up Lines of Fidel Castro". Things like this are problably reasons he continues to rule as he does.Fideldoesn¹t care about his people, which is probably a reason he does what he does to his people. His people flee to the United States, but we just return them to Cuba, where they are punished by Castro for trying to escape. The United States, and the United Nations have both tried to help Cuba, but at this point, experts say that Fidel is going to have to help himself, and his country.

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614 words - 2 pages Lasalle and the Colegio Dolores, which were both in Santiago. Then in 1942 Castro entered the Colegio Belen, a school in Havana, where he was voted best athlete in 1944. Soon in 1945 Castro attended the University of Havana's Faculty of Law, where he earned his law degree, and went to work with two partners. As a lawyer Castro would devote his life to helping the poor.Castro intended a campaign for a parliamentary seat in the election of 1952 but

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844 words - 3 pages Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 13, 1926 in Birán, Cuba. He was the third of seven children born to Angel Castro y Argiz and Lina Ruz Gonzales. His father owned the large sugar plantation where his family lived. During his early school years, Fidel proved to be an intellectually-gifted student, although he was more interested in sports than schoolwork. He attended a high school run by Jesuit priests. He often caused trouble