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Field Experience Essay

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During this past semester I observed a fifth as well as an eighth grade art class at California Area Elementary-Middle School. At first I was very nervous about my endeavors being just out of high school while completing my observation as a freshman. While completing my observation, I came to realize that my worries were immaterial and that I had a promising future in the education field. My observations were very informative and will provide myself with a plethora of information as I further my studies in the education field.
One of the most important areas, planning and preparation, there was a variety of tools used to prepare for the upcoming class. For example, the teacher I observed, Ms. Dana Galiffa, planned out her course of action for each class period beforehand on a calendar planner. Additionally, in the time frame before each upcoming class, she looked over her note and prepped the room with any specific supplies needed for the class. Although she planned ahead, specific changes were made to the schedule if need be based on the students’ progress and skill level. The characteristics of the students were also taken into considerations on the depth of the project at hand. For example, the fifth grade class completed a batiking project that was customized for their skill level. Rather than using permanent dye that has a lot of chemicals and melted wax that is very messy and dangerous to handle, the project was adapted to use acrylic paint, which is easier to handle and less futile, and non-toxic, Elmer’s glue. Learning goals were also adapted and developed to address personal students’ needs. This is exemplified through her grading which is more so based on the amount of effort put forth rather than the excellence of the work submitted. This is important t at this age level because they do not have choice in the classes they are being placed in and should not be punished if one student is less artistic than another.
Another important part of teaching is the classroom environment. While this is not part of the instructional nature of teaching, but the classroom environment affects what is learned by students and how affectively the subject is learned. Within the classroom I observed, there were was a variety of elements used to effectively manage the students. The ever important classroom rules were posted right inside the door of the room and could not be missed. While they were touched upon the first day of class, if there was ever a time when a student misbehaved in some way, Ms. Galiffa would refer them to the poster and remind them of the rules. As well, all of the areas in which supplies were kept for the students’ use were clearly labeled so that they are easily obtained. In the teacher- to-student interaction aspect of the classroom environment, Ms. Galiffa always surveyed the students while they were working. This included answering any of the students questions on the topic they were learning, how to complete something within...

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