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Field Experience Essay

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Student-centered learning environment (describe the learning environment, specifically safety, organization, inclusion efforts, and collaboration) The main student-centered learning environment I was placed in was a science lab dominated by marine science. There were many precautions used in the lab with goggles, student pairing, and lab procedures. The lab was organized so it is centered toward the teacher so when instruction and labs are taking place there is full attention on the teacher. All assignments are organized and labeled in the back for an efficient way to turn in work. The inclusion efforts placed into the class I observed way that they were all magnet students, so it allowed ...view middle of the document...

The teacher also makes it a priority to stand at the door and greet every student to make them feel welcome. This tactic also allows the teacher to spot out students that might be having a bad day, so he can address and help that particular student. I have seen this first hand and it seems like the students trust him enough to tell him what is going on. The trust factor plays a vital role because it allows the students to know he won’t do anything to harm them and what he teaches is being taught to help instead of hinder. The teacher also shows openness with classroom participation allowing the students to be in pairs that they are comfortable with, and being accepting with student’s opinions. This allows the students comfort level to be as high as it can possibly be and they know they won’t be judged. With these aspects put into place, the students aren’t afraid to participate and collaborate within the classroom because of how open the teacher is within their environment.

Inquiry: The teacher I observed provided many opportunities for inquiry with his students. Inquiry took place with labs every week that give more perspectives to the students. For example with the dissection, the teacher provided an opportunity for the students to work hands on with the teacher, discover teamwork, and use different learning tactics, such as visual learning, to be more effective with students that learn better that way. The teacher provides many visual inquiries inside the classroom. The teacher’s class has many pictures and objects either on the wall or on table-tops. The student are allowed to examine these visuals and ask questions about them. This provides the students with personal experiences so they can be on a similar level with the teacher. The teacher also provides inquiries outside of the classroom like the annual snorkeling field trip. With the annual snorkeling field trip, he is providing education outside of the classroom. I have seen him try to implement different ways of expressing ideas to achieve the highest success he can with his classes.

Fairness: During my tenure with the teacher I observed, he showed many aspects of fairness. He is fair to the students with his attitude, work presented in class, and his actions. He has a very impartial and caring attitude that is motivated to see his students reach their fullest potential. He is willing to go into depth with students so they have a fair chance of learning the material and succeeding on the test. He presents his work in many different way so students that are weak in one learning technique can retain the information different ways. He creates assignments and tests to test all his student’s abilities equally for a fair chance at a good grade. He is always available before and after class for questions as well as before and after school each day. He also put into place a reward system that allows the students to excel during the week which result in him giving them rewards like homework,...

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