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F Ield Hockey Essay

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Field Hockey Many people that don't know a lot about field hockey think that all it is, is a game played on turf in which two opposing teams use curved sticks to drive the ball into a goal. But the people, who play and coach field hockey, know it is a lot more complicated than that. There is a lot more to the game that could help define the sport of field hockey.Many people think field hockey is related to ice hockey just because in both sports you use a stick and the word hockey are in both words. But actually there are lots more differences than similarities. In field hockey you can only use one side of the stick, but in ice hockey you can use both. Also in field hockey the ball can't touch your feet or shins, but in ice hockey that is allowed. Next, in field hockey you have eleven players including the goalie on the field at one time, but in ice hockey you have six players including the goalie on the ice at the same time. Lastly, in field hockey you play the game on a field, but in ice hockey you play on ice. I think that that is the biggest and most obvious difference.The definition of the word field hockey is, a game played on turf in which two opposing teams use curved sticks to drive a ball into a goal. That definition of field hockey just proves the concept of the sport. But if you look deeper into the meaning of field hockey, you will...

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2009 words - 8 pages sports such as hurley, cricket, and shinty. Hurley was an Irish field game played with a hard, broad stick and a soft ball. Eventually, hurley was adapted into ice hurley to suit the winter weather (Vaughan, p.3). There are records of ice hurley being played at King's College School around the early 1800s when Windsor named itself the "playground of Halifax" (Jones, p.16).The theory that Windsor is the official birthplace of hockey continues with two

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705 words - 3 pages Until the mid-1980s it was generally accepted that ice hockey derived from English field hockey and Indian lacrosse and was spread throughout Canada by British soldiers in the mid-1800s. Research then turned up mention of a hockeylike game, played in the early 1800s in Nova Scotia by the Micmac Indians, which appeared to have been heavily influenced by the Irish game of hurling; it included the use of a "hurley" (stick) and a square wooden block

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2670 words - 11 pages -like stance holding sticks similar to those later used in field hockey. (Hubbard & Fischler, page17) Perhaps native Americans were the first to play hockey like games. The Indians of Canada invented the field game lacrosse, which is known by the legislative act as Canada’s and national sport. The Alogonquins who inhabited the shores the St. Lawrence River played an ice game that was similar to lacrosse called "baggataway," played

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2846 words - 11 pages that I found most convincing has the origins of ice hockey placed in Windsor Nova Scotia during the 1800's. In 1788, Kings College which was Canada's first college was established in Windsor. (Hockey in Canada 2004) Field hurly was a common game at this time, which was being played by the boys at Kings College. It originated in Ireland as a field game, where people would play the game year round using balls and sticks.(InternetHockey Scout 2001

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2546 words - 10 pages Violence In Hockey With the increase in society taking a stance against violence, the sport of hockey has become an area where some feel that violent acts such as checking, fighting, and overall body contact occur too frequently and should be eliminated. Lately, NHL officials have lowered toleration to these acts, by issuing heftier fines and suspensions, but not enough to make a huge difference. Many fear that this violence is negatively

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1262 words - 6 pages , considering the point about violence in games negatively affecting children, if we compare the violence in hockey to the violence shown in movies and video games, the latter promotes violence on a much larger scale than the hockey games are capable of. Here some might argue that children understand the difference between reality and fiction, but if that is true then kids can certainly understand that ‘what happens on the sports field, stays on the sports

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