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General Observation:
As I entered into the science room, the students were being given a science “dipstick” labeled “Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems”. This “dipstick” sums up the unit that the students have been working on where they created their ecosystem posters and determined which animals belong in each ecosystem. The teacher explained to the students that she calls these “dipsticks” instead of “tests” because these documents are more focused on seeing what they took away from the unit. She then read the pages of the “dipstick” so that they students could pay more attention to the science than the reading. During this time the teacher explained some background information ...view middle of the document...

I was going to pass her because she was only struggling with one fact but the teacher was stressing the importance of the students getting all of their facts right before moving on.
Next, the students washed their hands and prepared for snack. A few of the popular choices were pretzels, fruit and granola bars. After talking for a few minutes the teacher asked the students to recap what had happened in the last chapter. One student was explaining what had happened and then he couldn’t think of a word so he decided to ask the class if anyone remembered the word. Although none of the class could think of the word, another student was able to help finish explaining. Then the teacher continued reading the next chapter. Because this chapter is getting very exciting and they are at the climax of the book the teacher was using a lot of dramatic effect with arm gestures and different voices for different characters. She was getting very excited and it was causing the class to get excited. The class was quite attentive.
As snack was finishing up the class was asked to quietly, quickly and directly pick up their areas. The class was very overly excited and started to get out of control, causing the teacher to tell the students to go back to their seats and go over expectations. She then informed them that they were going to have to practice cleaning up the correct way before going out to recess.
Then the students transitioned into working on their math projects. The day before the teacher had the students help her make a list of her attributes to introduce what attributes are. Then she had them find a few attributes of quadrilaterals. Their project’s core idea was “how can we identify rhombuses, squares, and rectangles by their attributes?” As the teacher asked what quad means, the students answered that it means four. She then picked pairs of partners by drawing popsicle sticks that look like the students and assigned either the square, parallelogram, trapezoid, or rhombus to them. Students were asked to make a poster for their quadrilateral that includes two pictures of their quadrilateral, two pictures that were not like their quadrilateral and explain why they were or were not a picture of that quadrilateral using attributes. They also had to include a sentence about that quadrilateral and a title. I...

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