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Fs 1 episode 1 school as a learning environmentDocument TranscriptFIELD STUDY 1 The Learner's Development and EnvironmentEpisode 1SCHOOL AS A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT______________________________________________________________________________Name of FS Student Noel JabagatParohinog___________________________________Course _ BSED major in English__________________________ Year & Section I-CResource Teacher Mrs. Flerida L. Demegillo Signature _______________Cooperating School Binalbagan Catholic College - High School Department Your Target At the end of this activity, you will be competent in determining a school environmentthat provides social, physiological, and physical environment supportive for learning. Your Map A general observation of the campus and the classroom is an exiting way to start yourobservation. Your mission is to do the following tasks: 1. Visit a school. Look into 4. Make a reflection on the facilities and suppoert characteristics of a school learning areas in the environment that promotes campus, then in the learning. classroom 5.Based your ideas pof a good school environment through any of these: 2. Accomplish the checklist as you move a.)Descriptive paragrapg; b.)Photo around the school essay; c.)Sketch or drawing; d.)Poem premesis. , song or rap 3. Based on your gathered data in the checklist describe the school environment. Your Tools As you move around the campus, activity forms are provided for you to document yourobservations. It is advised that you read the entire worksheet before proceeding to the schoolThe comfort room of the girls is dirty and the floor The comfort rooms of the boys were dirty, unclean, slippery and unpleasant smells exist reaching outside the school building. Comfort Room for Girls The room has proper ventilation, clean, wide space, and organized in terms of lighting and ventilation. Comfort Room for Boys The industrial room has complete materials and tools provided for each students to accomplish there task and could help the students also in training of a particular uses of tools. PTA Office The room is good and complete of necessary Room things that are needed in the student's activity. Industrial Workshop Area Home Economics The gym is wide, clean, and no any pieces of garbage found in this area. Auditorium The facilities are present. Helping the students to learn well. Gymnasium Science Laboratory The reading center is clean, and situated in the ventilated area and free from any types of harmful insects that could destruct the student's attention. Speech Laboratory The audio visual room is not yet organized since it Center has an incomplete facilities and equipments that would be easy for the students to understand their teacher's lessons or presentation. Reading Center The clinic is well-organized. The medicines are available, provided and ready for the students indispensably and incase of emergency. Audio Visual/Media The school canteen is situated in the clean area but they sold...

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2448 words - 10 pages ‘inquiry-based’ manner both in the field and on campus”(Stainfield& Fisher& Ford& Solem, 2000). By providing more of the lecture/background material on-line, students can study it before they come to class or depart on a field trip. They can also review it after the trip. The Reason why it is applied into classroom technology 1. The major reason why Virtual Field Trips is so popular today is the occurrence of the economic recession, because

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