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For my field trip report I had the pleasure to sit down with Investment Advisor HarjGrewal, BA (Econ), CFA, CBV, CFP from RBC Dominion Securities. Harj has a diversebackground in investment banking and finance. Harj currently holds a CharteredFinancial Analyst designation along with Certified Financial Planner, and Charter BusinessValuator. Through his career, Mr. Grewal has worked various different positions. Harjoriginally started off as an investment advisor and then went into institution sales,business valuation, corporate finance, and now has gone back to an investment advisoryposition. While Harj worked as a professional business valuator, Harj successfully raisedmillions of dollars for various different North American corporations.According to Mr. Grewal, the function that an investment advisor plays at RBC DominionSecurities is to assist people in making a more intelligent, tax efficient, and risk adjustedinvestment decision. In terms of difficulty, I was told that at times this can be a veryeasy task and sometimes it could be difficult when it comes to influencing a client. Whenclients are self motivated it is much easier to show them different options that they haveand implementation of the plan has greater success. After speaking with Harj in regardsto the function that an investment advisor plans, I really got the feel that financialplanning plays a major role when helping a client determine what kind of investments topurse. Harj strongly agreed with me when I made this point and added that the CFPdesignation lays a great foundation when it comes to the financial planning aspect ofmaking an investment decisions.In terms of clients that Harj Grewal deals with at RBC Dominion Securities, they comefrom all walks of life. A lot of these individuals are self employed professionals whowould like to reduce taxes and have diverse family needs. Another type of individualsthat Harj deals with are retirees who are apprehensive about preserving capital.According to Harj a lot of clients do not possess an adequate amount of knowledge aboutfinancial products and that there is a great need for quality advice. Where Harj runs intoa stumbling block is when clients at times will not know how to differentiate betweendifferent types of products. This is where investment advisors at RBC DominionSecurities use scenario analysis and...

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