'fiend Like Queen'. How True Is This Description Of Lady Macbeth And What Does Lady Macbeth Add To Shakespeare's Play?

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Malcolm describes Macbeth and his wife as 'this dead butcher and his fiend-like queen'. How true is this description of Lady Macbeth and what does the character of Lady Macbeth add to Shakespeare's play?Shakespeare originally wrote 'Macbeth', for the existing king James I. The play was based on James I's relations as Shakespeare thought that this would please the king who would allow the theatre to remain open. Shakespeare comprised the play of witchcraft and his family which where of great interest to the king.The play was written for James I because Shakespeare was worried about him closing the theatre. These characters' personalities were reversed for the play so that James I would not be offended by Shakespeare writing about his predecessors by bad kings. The character of Macbeth was a real king and was considered a great king. In the script Macbeth is shown as a butcher and that he performs acts of treason.Lady Macbeth is a pivotal character for this play and has many different parts in the story line. Lady Macbeth is often rude or insulting towards Macbeth yet Lady Macbeth has different characters. Lady Macbeth plays the role of a loyal and loving wife in Act one Scene five. Lady Macbeth shows she is supportive by encouraging Macbeth into the murder. In the following scene, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth welcome Duncan the king into their castle. Lady Macbeth plays the role of a good hostess in this scene. She puts on this act as not to arouse suspicion, 'All our service, In every point twice done, and then done double' and you can see this in 'See, see, our honour'd hostess!' Then Macbeth plans to murder Duncan in Act one Scene seven. Lady Macbeth becomes very leading and in command. In this scene Lady Macbeth also becomes very convincing and overpowering. Lady Macbeth offends Macbeth to encourage him to kill the king, 'When you durst do it, then you were a man.' Lady Macbeth is influencing Macbeth as well as influencing the play by doing this. In a sense Lady Macbeth is altering the play for the worst.Unalike audiences from different time periods may have different views of the way Malcolm describes Macbeth and his wife, as may people with a different religion.In Act one Scene seven, Lady Macbeth tries to persuade Macbeth into going through with the murder. Lady Macbeth abuses him by saying he is not a man, 'When you durst do it, then you were a man'. This insults Macbeth and makes him want to do it to prove that he can to her and to prove her judgements wrong. For a modern audience Lady Macbeth seems intelligent as she can control her husband but for an original audience she would seem, "fiend like" as she has control over someone.In Act two Scene two, Lady Macbeth insults Macbeth for not taking the daggers back to the murder scene, she does this by saying how her hands are the same colour as his, meaning she is guilty too but the quote, 'but I shame To wear a heart so white' shows that she is not as scared as he apparently is, not as much a...

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2412 words - 10 pages underscores how ambition by the protagonists leads to detestation on the part of the readers:   The danger of ambition is well described; and I know not whether it may not be said in defence of some parts which now seem improbable, that, in Shakespeare's time, it was necessary to warn credulity against vain and illusive predictions. The passions are directed to their true end. Lady Macbeth is merely detested; and though the courage of

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734 words - 3 pages Macbeth is a play about death, deceit, and corruption. At the center of all this is Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth. As the play progresses, their relationship changes dramatically as a result of how each of them handles their emotions following King Duncan's murder.In the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth is a strong, domineering person. She seems able to coerce Macbeth into doing things that he would not do on his own. She seems willing

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2027 words - 8 pages At the end of the play, Malcolm refers to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as “this dead butcher and his fiend like queen” (5.7 .114). In your view, how appropriate is this description of Lady Macbeth? At first, one could easily summarise that Lady Macbeth is indeed a fiend like queen. Throughout the play, she does seem to be the driving force behind Macbeth, causing him to murder and commit devilish deeds. Malcolm had of course had a reason on why is

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2921 words - 12 pages Macbeth are seen as creatures of the dark which symbolises treachery cruelty and evil. By wanting to have light with her Lady Macbeth seeks to remove the darkness of evil. However when Lady Macbeth was fiend - like in plotting the kings murder she called upon darkness "blanket of the dark," to help her and Macbeth commit the murder. A true fiend would never be afraid of the dark like Lady Macbeth is at the end of the play; this is why I judge that Lady Macbeth is not a fiend - like queen.

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